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Published:August 22nd, 2009 14:50 EST
Leave U.S. alone with God

Leave U.S. alone with God

By Fred Rendon

I am writing because I read somewhere that a few atheists are going to file a law suit to get rid of the crosses that are placed on the sites of our departed Veterans who are buried in Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC.


 It appears as though this small group of people have taken it upon themselves to help rid us of the very foundation which this wonderful land we live in was founded on. I remember when I was in Okinawa in 1966 waiting to turn 18 years old I would go to whatever service was available to worship God my God the God my parents and family and friends all believed in.


I knew I would be going to Vietnam and I wanted to let God know that if I died while I was there I was ready to meet and greet Him. The day came when I did go to Vietnam and me and many other men/boys were ready to go. I sailed on a ship from San Diego Ca. to Okinawa with my company.


We were all going to Vietnam. I never heard not one atheists profess his lack of believe. I never heard any of them wanting to take the name of God off of a dollar bill or off of anything. When I finally got to Vietnam I never remember any of these great non believers profess their non belief to anyone.


Yet here we are in the land of the free and now after a woman started talking about how wonderful it was to be an atheist in the sixties and  began to want to take prayer out of school and succeed did it become a fad. She disappeared from the earth was killed and thrown away like a piece of trash. The glue that tied was that there was money to be made first from the government then from followers to spread the word and the wealth.


Does that remind you of anything else? What about the TV preachers who are millionaires and wag their tongue at the government who gives them the right not to disclose or pay taxes on the donations they make. What is the difference between a TV Preacher who heals the sick but, only on TV, not in a hospital or a third world country and an atheist who claims he does not believe in God? A preacher who sets the stage for his trickery and or an atheist who claims not to believe in God well? They both do not believe in God and they both are making money from either not pretending to believe or the preacher who truly does not believe but claims he does.


 Their healing powers are only on TV no different than a movie or a story set on a stage. I am not interested in their rationale I am not interested in arguing a point I only want them to leave the 85% of believers alone. Why not do like the Christians of England and go to a new country and start over without a God? They can have their own rules or simply throw out the do not kills and do not steals and just let chaos be the order of the day.


 No rules no regulations no hope for the future, if one of the atheists dies just throw the carcass in the trash as was done with the woman who started this nonsense. I think they would be truly happy then, or would they?