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Published:September 6th, 2009 12:14 EST
"The Second Venice" Can Not Be Sold In Venice

"The Second Venice" Can Not Be Sold In Venice

By SOP newswire2

"THE SECOND VENICE" by Askin Ozcan is an extraordinary, hilarious novel published recently by Outskirts Press. (ISBN 1598000888)    

Its very positive reviews have appeared worldwide : ,,,,,,,, , www.,,, and on 16 newspapers and 8 TV channels in Turkey.  In Italy Magazine, U.K., it became Nr. 1 among top rated books, surpassing  the Italian Classic, Juvenal`s "Satires".

In despite of its being a very potential seller, as a humor literature about Venice, a most popular city in the world of tourism, with her 24 million visitors each year, "THE SECOND VENICE" is not being sold in Venice bookstores.

The sympathethic owner / Editor of , Rosalba says, "We have a tradition of placing the books in the bookstores, on credit. Whereas the publisher Outskirts Press sells to the bookstores only on cash basis" giving 50% trade discount though.
Otherwise the book is distributed globally by , the world`s largest
book wholesaler, with a very high trade discount, again on cash payment.
Bookstores in Venice, do not invest in this remarkable book, on cash basis, though it has the potential to sell millions.

Its author Askin Ozcan says, the book would sell very well in The Venice Carnival, visited by
six million people each year, let alone it has the potential to sell enormously well in the
piazzas of Venice as well as in its bookstores and newsstands. It is so far only in English, but its author says he will try to have it translated into and published in many languages.

Briefly, "THE SECOND VENICE" is the story of a second Venice built by Pshht Cola and McBigBite, to save Venice from pollution and destruction, upon a law passed by the Italian Government, to limit the number of tourists to this beautiful  achievement of the Venetians.

In "The Second Venice", everything Venice has, has been imitated - its canals, gondolas, vaporettos, the facades of its buildings, its museums and the paintings in them. There is even a "Fake films Festival" in it,  drawing to it all the fake films from around the world, to compete for a big prize. Author Askin Ozcan has not neglected to write ten `scenarios` for the best ten films. Thief and spy and mafia stories, congresses, dog shows, heated discussions among the world tourists, add a spice to this hilarious novel. In this "bigger and better Americanized version" of Venice "one doesn`t get a chance to be bored" says
Writers Digest.  "THE SECOND VENICE" gets a lot of compliments from the readers.

In his press-release, "A business opportunity for Venice" author Askin Ozcan delineates
the potential this book has, as a possible best seller in humor.

The Second Venice - A New Best Seller?

Askin Ozcan is the author of six books in different genres:  THE SECOND VENICE,  SMALL MIRACLES, STOCKHOLM STORIES, WISDOM IN SMILE, THE MINI-SUBMARINE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES.  He is now writing his new book : FASCINATING

All books of Askin Ozcan are sold on 200 internet bookshops including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and via 25.000 bookstores globally upon giving its ISBN.

The worldwide distribution is by 154 pages.  5"x8" , soft cover.

Author Askin Ozcan invites offers from world publishers to translate and publish "THE SECOND VENICE" in their countries. Copyright belongs to the author Askin Ozcan.