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Published:September 18th, 2009 11:16 EST
Medium is the Massage

Medium is the Massage

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

"Medium Is The Massage"  was the title of Prof. Marshall Mc Luhan`s first book -often misunderstood as "Medium Is The Message", because people read as they want and not as they see...Prof. Marshall  McLuhan served many years at the University of Toronto as the Prof of Communications and wrote his own check at many corporations with his revolutionary advertising ideas.

Indeed, today, "Media" is the key to success for new products, ideas, aspirations and new fashions and new institutions. Without "media" coverage, no success is possible in politics, trade and even in the sciences, arts and designs. "Media" is the King of today.
As this is so, the price of "advertising"  is high with the most known media. But, alongside the most known media, there are websites which have eagerly won a good place in the world and a good readership, which offer free advertising possibilities. Here are some of them:
At this site, you can advertise any product, anywhere in the world. It is very popular and
practical to advertise here. You will notice also the addresses of many other free/ad web sites at this web/site. , ,
are other good sources where one may advertise in certain lines, free of charge.   and 
are good web/papers where one can advertise free of charge if the ads relate to Sweden and Germany, repectively.
If you like to issue and distribute press/releases, free of charge, two excellent sources are:  and
Another way of advertising is by writing articles in areas where you have competency. While people read your ideas, they read also about the products and services you mention. Any media is good for this method. For instance, if you write an article at  a popular web/paper which has a readership of 300,000 monthly, your message will be read by many.
If you are an author,,,,,,,, , are, of course, very good sites among many for advertising your book.
These are some international, popular sites. In every country, there are web sites and printed papers where one may advertise free of charge. In Sweden "Gula Tidningen" and its counterpart in very many countries await your free ads and are read by millions. will help you locate the media for your free ads.
Askin Ozcan is the author of  SMALL MIRACLES,  WISDOM IN SMILE, THE SECOND VENICE, STOCKHOLM STORIES, THE MINI- SUBMARINE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES  and uses the above sources to advertise his books.