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Published:June 18th, 2010 20:35 EST
The SOP Radio Network Knocks and Rocks the World of Inter-tainment

The SOP Radio Network Knocks and Rocks the World of Inter-tainment

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Today Judyth Piazza has realized her dream to drive her cutting edge brand of Inter-tainment to the world of radio.  The SOP Radio Network is the fruit of 5 years of tireless hard work and unwavering dedication.  Because Judy is an early pioneer in Internet broadcasting, the SOP Radio Network debuts as the knocking, rocking place to be.

Judyth Piazza and the SOP were smashing establishment expectations and breaking boring barriers before the IPod wormed its way into Apple.  Among the first crop of Podcasters, Judy transformed the format that defined the possibilities and potential the Internet presents.  Listeners around the world enjoy SOP Radio by cell phone, iPod and, to the delight of her fans, also by way of traditional radio.

SOP Radio Network is known for its original programming that blends a mix of music, mentoring and magic.  Djelloul Marbrook`s Hot Copy " is among the Network`s hottest destinations for advice and insight into the field of journalism.  Need a personal trainer?  Check into John Basedow`s Fitness Tips and you`ll find inspiration and motivation mixed with sanity and support.  Just for fun, visit Crazy World Now where you can escape to a world of irresistible nonsense.

What`s more, Judy`s program The American Perspective welcomes personalities from around the world who gladly give of their time and talent to talk it over with Judy.  Where else can you tap into the thoughts of such a collection of talent?  Billy D. Williams, Patrick Warburton, Miss America, Cindy Williams, Zig Ziglar, Dawn Wells, Dave Ramsey . . . the never-ending list is lush with new artists, musicians and authors-- international scholar Adnan Oktar has paid Judy a visit as has Yoga Master Swami Kryananda.

Need more? More is what Judyth Piazza and the SOP Radio Network is all about!  Visit once and you`ll discover more and more often the knocking, rocking world of the SOP. 

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