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Published:May 19th, 2010 11:50 EST

New Fiction Chronicles Journey of Transformation

By Ernest Dempsey


Deserts and Mountains " Details Turkish-born Canadian`s Trip Back to His Homeland


TORONTO, ONTARIO " Follow a determined young man on an emotional, physical and spiritual journey from Canada to Turkey and experience the life-changing guidance of his sheikh guide in Deserts and Mountains (published by iUniverse), the philosophical new novel by Yilmaz Alimoglu.


Ali, an expatriate Turk living in Canada, frustrated with his business, career and family, turns to his spiritual guide, a sheikh of the shrine he attends. The sheikh suggests that Ali keep a journal of the entire real " trip, including a journey back to Ali`s childhood home in Turkey. Ali approaches the trip with no fixed agenda, other than to reflect on his life and the outcome of earlier events and choices. Out of this journal is born Deserts and Mountains.


Leaving his adopted home, Ali makes his way back to his family in Turkey, a visit that brings up all sorts of mixed emotions for the protagonist. Having endured physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Turkish state secret agents and his father, he struggles to cope with the effects as an adult. Ali, prompted to examine his life more deeply, seeks a broader understanding of its significance, while critically analyzing the cultural context from which he has emerged as an adult.


As he develops a fresh perspective on his own life, Ali`s travels allow him to get a glimpse into the customs and cultures of other people. Through his observation and participation, he is able to see the inherent similarities in everyone`s struggles. The narrative shifts to a more philosophical tone as Ali assimilates what he is learning from the experiences undergone during the journey


There are several themes woven into the text; friendship, loyalty, freedom, choice and its consequences; love and the individuals` capacity both to love and be loved, "
Alimoglu writes. Aside from the journey Ali has undertaken in the physical world, an overarching theme putting all the others in context is Ali`s journey towards a deeper understanding of the spiritual tradition of Sufism. " Discover more in the pages of this engaging new book.


About the Author:


Yilmaz Alimoglu grew up in Turkey, but now lives in Mississauga, Canada. He has a background in technology and business and writes op-ed pieces for the Toronto Star. With lifelong interests in philosophy, psychology and Sufism, Alimoglu travels the world for both his commercial and humanitarian work. Deserts and Mountains is his first novel.