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Published:August 20th, 2007 06:49 EST
Go Now w/Garrett Godwin - Episode 7

Go Now w/Garrett Godwin - Episode 7

By Garrett Godwin

It is time to Go Now

Hello, this is Garrett Godwin, and welcome to Go Now.  It is the show that brings the latest on the world that you and I love so much as the world of entertainment.


Baby News Down Under

  • Well, it is a boy for Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts, according to her publicist, when she gave birth to son Alexander Peter Schreiber on the afternoon of July 25, 2007, weighing eight pounds and four ounces.  It is the first child for the 38-year-old British-Australian native and her boyfriend of two years, American actor Liev Schreiber.  The couple co-starred in last year’s The Painted Veil.  Watts’ spokesperson told US Magazine that both parents are “ecstatic”, and that mother and son are doing fine.
  • Julianne Nicholson, Detective Wheeler on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, is pregnant with her first child.  Alicia Witt, who portrayed Cybil Shepard’s daughter on the sitcom Cybil and starred in 1998’s Urban Legend, joined CI this fall as Detective Nola Falacci, interim partner to Detective Mike Logan (Chris Noth), while Nicholson will be on maternity leave, with her alter-ego out of the country.  It will be the first child for the 36-year-old actress and her husband, British actor Jonathan Cake, which will be due this fall.
The Gate begins to close forever on DVD

         Step into the gate for the last time with Stargate SG-1: Season 10, now available on DVD.  Featuring all 20 episodes with exclusive audio commentaries, the final season finds SG-1 continuing their fight to save the galaxies against the very powerful Ori.  Other extras on the DVD include behind the scenes look of the 200th episode, deleted scenes, and much more.  Embrace the legacy forever with Stargate SG-1: Season 10, now available on DVD.

Army Wives extends their code on Lifetime

         One of the most talked about and rising shows this past summer, Army Wives has been renewed for a second season.  Based on the book from Tanya Biank entitled Under The Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage, the series shows that men in the military aren’t the only ones that live by their code, as their wives have their own code as well.  Featuring Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) and Catherine Bell (JAG, The Triangle) its debut became the highest-rated premiere in the history of Lifetime Network.  See why viewers are saluting, when Army Wives airs Sunday nights at 10pm on Lifetime.

OLTL receives its “10,000” life


Just recently celebrating its 39th anniversary, One Life to Live will be celebrating its 10,000th episode in the middle of this month.  Since its debut on ABC in 1968, two years before All My Children, both Agnes Nixon and One Life to Live dealt with topical and sensitive issues such as rape, AIDS, racism, prejudice, and homosexuality.  The soap also brought diversity into the fictional town of Llanview, involving class differences and torrid romance between its residents.


          The 10,000th episode marks the return of several fan favorites, including Dan Gauthier and Nathan Fillon (Firefly), both reprising their Emmy-nominated roles as brothers Kevin and Joey Buchanan, sons of classic heroine Victoria Davidson (Erica Slezak).  But the episode will be on a sad note as it involves the funeral of their grandfather, Asa.  Phil Carey, who portrayed Asa, declined to stay on One Life on a recurring basis, leading writers to kill off his character who’s been Llanview’s J.R. Ewing for over quarter of a century. 

The 10,000th episode of One Life to Live will air on August 17 at 2pm on ABC.


Well, that is all the time we have all here today.  If you like what you hear so far and want more, then check out more of The Student Operated Press (SOP) at  And don’t forget to check out Hot Copy w/Del Marbrook, plus The American Perspective with the lovely, beautiful, and talented Judyth Piazza, also at the SOP at

This is Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now.  I’ll see you later.