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Published:November 6th, 2008 10:33 EST
Judyth Piazza, Jeff Tabor and Dr. Rich Lippman on The American Perspective Radio Program

Judyth Piazza, Jeff Tabor and Dr. Rich Lippman on The American Perspective Radio Program

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Jeff Tabor

Jeff Tabor, President and CEO, SAGPS Adventure Tours said We are excited about the opportunity to deliver innovative and rich walking tour experiences that offer visitors to St. Augustine compelling stories and outstanding audio theatre experiences.

We`re setting a new standard of excellence by providing high-quality, compelling creative content to our guests. Shivers & Awe lives up to its name, it`s an experience our guests will never forget.

About SAGPS Adventure Tours

SA GPS Adventure Tours, Inc. ( SAGPS ) based in St. Augustine, Florida, provides tourism entertainment using sate-of-the-art GPS technology.  The company`s missions are to provide high quality experiences in St. Augustine, and beyond, while meeting unmet needs such as convenience, consistency with quality of experience, and the ability to take tours in multiple languages.  For more information please visit or call (904) 377-1447. 

Dr. Rich Lippman

Why should our bodies become broken and then fixed? Why not fix them in advance of the damages caused by aging?

If the predictions of our present-day scientists are right, most major diseases should be curable by the year 2026. Still, these medical advances will increase the average lifespan by a mere twelve years. And we`ll still be stuck with the same ravages of aging: wrinkled skin, slowed reaction times, depression, weight gain, memory loss, declining libido, crippled bodies.

Not a lot to look forward to, is it?

Until now, celebrity doctors such as Mehmet Oz and Andrew Weil have addressed this issue by advocating losing weight, exercising more, and eating a Spartan diet. But new research has shown that an improved lifestyle is only 20% of the answer. This 20% barely scratches the surface: The remaining 80% mother lode of anti-aging medicine has yet to be mined.

This book explores that 80%.

The new remedies presented in this book - most of which are known only to those knowledgeable in anti-aging medicine - can slow, prevent, or even reverse many elements of aging without special diets, cosmetics, surgery, and heavy aerobic exercise. In this book, Dr. Lippman - a Nobel Prize nominee for his research in anti-aging medicine - explores this new frontier to give readers advice that really works.

Stay 40 without diet or exercise will guide the reader in creating a tailor-made anti-aging program, actually healing or reversing some aspects of aging, such as cataracts and clogged arteries, without surgery. The reader is encouraged to start a personal program to resolve many age-related pre-diseases - such as sub-clinical Type 2 diabetes - that many Americans over thirty encounter, but few doctors will treat until they become full-blown diseases.

While Dr. Lippman acknowledges the importance of exercise and specialized nutrition (the 20% standard staples of any anti-aging therapy) he emphasizes the remaining 80% of his new therapies.