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Published:April 20th, 2006 07:00 EST
Holi Indian festival offers rejoice, unity among families

Holi Indian festival offers rejoice, unity among families

By Rasha Lamba

Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and is celebrated every year with great joy and enthusiasm.The festival starts with "Holika Dahan" and ends in "Rang Panchami." In Hindu religious books, the whole festival is related to a mythological story.

There was a cruel and evil king hiranyakashyapa, who thought and declared himself as the most powerful and above the almighty god. He started killing and destroying his own people,those who denied his views and worshipped god instead of him.After sometime, a son was born to him and the king was sure that his son will be the cruelest king ever born and will destroy the myth of god. But all his cruel intentions were washed awaywhen he saw his son,who was named "Prahlad" in saintly an dvery noble in character from his early childhood.

Prahlad started worshipping god immensely and also started preaching people around him about the grace andpower of almighty god.This more and more became unbearable to the king.He applied many plans and plots to oppose, suppress and ultimately stop his son, but he failed in every attempt.So,then finally he decided kill his own son.In this processhe called his evil sister named "Holika" and arranged a killig plot.According to it,Holika had to sit on fire with prahlad and holika herself wil cover with a supernatural cloth,which will save her from the fire ultimately killing prahlad, who will be totally unaware of this murderous plan.But things adversely affected as the for god's grace prahlad came out safely from the fire and holika turned into ashes.A day before holi,we repeat the same incident by arranging logs of wood and dry leaves in a pyramid shaped structure for fire and a mud doll of holika sitting inside it.Lastly,impressed by prahlad's worship, God himself appeared in "Avatar Narsimha to kill hiranyakashyapa.

Dry colours, wet colours and one can think only colours on that day. Nobody refuses for colours in this day as you can see people whole dipped in colours roaming in streets, meet relatives friends also strangers,they hug each other and offer traditional sweets.People of different region and provinces in India and celebrate it differently. But playing with colours is common everywhere,but the region that celebrates it for long and deep enthusiasm is in the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna" The Brijbhoomi." Lord Shri Krishna in hindu religion is known as the god of love and romance.Lord Shri Krishna with radha and her friends playing holi and dancing a group dance called as "Rasa" with her women associates called as "Gopi's" was a trend from his era. People repeat the same and perform holi in big playground with "Rasa" danceand many more holi based activities. The display of colours and the sweet feeling in our souls make holi a memorable time painted in colours.