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Published:July 1st, 2006 09:23 EST
Witches, Warlacks, A New School Oh My!

Witches, Warlacks, A New School Oh My!

By Anita Helton

In the small town of Hoopestown, Illinois (with a grand population of 6,000) a new type of institution has been formed.  It doesn`t teach your traditional education, but rather is deemed a "Witch School" and works to form a community of Wiccan believers. 
The school first began on the Internet in 2003, and after Ed Hubbard, the CEO of this school found a good property deal, he decided to take the institution from cyberspace to reality.   Currently, the school has 120,000 active students adding 30 to 50 new students a day online.  The school has opened its` doors on July 1, 2006.  Hubbard feels that he is actually just experimenting with religious tolerance. 

Local churches have prayed and worked against the forming of this school, but now has come to accept the school and all that it is bringing.  They do plan to still speak against it. 

It amazes me how fast our countries` pillars are crumbling.  It`s a wonder how we have gone from such conservative ways to allowing schools of witchcraft to be formed.  What will we allow to go on in our country next?