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Published:September 4th, 2006 06:59 EST
Oh God, Give us the way

Oh God, Give us the way

By Rasha Lamba

Thus, the auspicious day of celebration, saying prayers of goodwill for all to Lord Krishna, celebrated his birth. In India, on August 16th, we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in the name "Janmashtami".  Lord Krishna appeared over five thousand years ago in Mathura, India, to Devaki and Vasudeva in the jail cell of the tyrant Kansa. As the earth became overrun by cruel activities kingly demons, people and the masses sought Lord Vishnu's protection. Seeing the earth is deteriorating social and political conditions, the all-compassionate, supreme Lord Krishna decide to descend for the benefit of all. Historically, Lord Krishna appeared on the midnights of the eighth day of the dark half of the month (Sravana), in English calendar, the month of rains. He disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC and on the new moon night of Phalguna. He grew up as the son of his foster parents Nanda and Yasoda in midst of the beautiful gokula, Vrindavana and nandagram. When he grew up young, Lord Krishna enjoyed the dance of love (The famous Rasa-Lila) with the gopies, in other words, the girls of gokula, who were always adored by Lord Krishna, they also attached with him spiritually the whole of their lives, and many of whom is expansion of his own internal energies.

The supreme gopi known as Shrimati Radha Rani is the object of Krishna's highest devotions. This beautiful dance would occur in the autumn season, at night under a full moon, when Lord Krishna would captivate the young gopies with the extraordinary music of his flute. These esoteric pastimes constitute, the most confidential divinity ever revealed. When Shri Krishna and his brother Balrama, where older they were invited to Mathura were Kansa their demonic uncle was planning their death in a wrestling match against two large and powerful wrestlers. When Kansa saw his killer wrestlers defeated, he ordered his friends to drive the brothers out from Mathura, plunder the riches of their cowherd friends and kill their fathers Nanda and Vasudeva.

However, Shri Krishna immediately killed Kansa. Lord Krishna then established king Ugrasena as the emperor of several kingdoms. Balrama married princess Revati and Lord Krishna married many queens and the foremost among being the extraordinary beautiful queen Rukmini. When Lord Krishna was about 90 years old, the Great War (a type of world war) Kurukshetra took place. These climactic battles bought together all the world leaders. Lord Krishna took the role of the Charioteer on the side of the pious "Pandavas", while Balrama refused to participate and went for a pilgrimage. At the start of the war, Lord Krishna displayed his stupendous universal form, delivered his famous message known as Bhagwadgeeta "literally" the song of God. This war concluded with the destruction of the demonic kings and the reinstatements of the righteous"Pandavas".

In a scientific conclusion, it was revealed the war of Kurukshetra was a nuclear war, which resulted in a little establishments and destruction of half the world. As today war is in fashion, a horrible destruction is very near so we are hoping, as somebody from the whole will come up and with some construction in mind and advice, we as one time Lord Krishna advised "The Pandavas" in his form of Bhagwadgeeta. According to him, with the infinite dimensions and ways we are surrounded, every of it goes to the doors of heaven or to our kind God Almighty and we have to be very pure to pass on them as we are his most adorable creation and he always have given us the look of this physical world with that much of purity and on the end of the august started the celebration of Lord Ganesha all over India.

Ganesha symbolizes the soul and earthy existence. The myth surrounded found in the shiv purana goes that after parvati married Lord Shiva, parvati longed intensely for a baby. One day, when Shiva was away on a long meditative spell in a far off icy Himalayan cave, parvati just couldn't wait any more. While bathing, she swept up the scurf from the bath powder. She rubbed it on her body, fashioned a baby boy from it and breathed lifted into him. In this happy state, when she went into bath on another morning she told her son to guard the door. Shiva happened to come home just then. The little boy stoutly refused to let him go in and had his head cut off for his impertinence. Parvati's shriek of grief, when she emerged sent Shiva scurrying to replace his son's head.

A fine elephant happened by and Shiva helped himself to its head for his son. Nobody really had an objection, so gajavadana (elephant face), the boy stayed nor does any one seem to mind three millennia later. Thus, Lord Ganesha brought us more adjoining happiness and blessings for passionate, calm and a well being world.