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Published:October 14th, 2006 20:02 EST
Jesus Just Left You a Message!

Jesus Just Left You a Message!

By Anne Laszlo Howard

Toronto, ON (rushprnews) With Music download, wireless email, calendar, contacts, GPS, stock market, latest news, video, pix, and even TV shows available on your cellular phone, one is left to wonder what possibly could a company offer these days that hasn`t already been delivered.  Well, up to now the one area that was still unexplored is the Spiritual and religious.  A young Toronto-based start-up has decided to tackle and to open the road for this gigantic market.  Text 2 Christ ( has introduced a far-reaching way to encourage youth to read their Bible daily by offering subscribers the ability to receive a new bible scripture every day directly to their cell phone.  

As a result, thousands of youth across Canada will now have more time to read their scriptures. Eighteen-year-old Rebecca Thompson from Vancouver says when asked about the service I have a hard enough time finding time to do all my homework, much less read my Bible. But I always find time to check my messages. "It is easy to join, just text the word LIFE to the number 247478, and best of all it only costs 0.50 cents. Very affordable Text 2 Christ is the new and cooler way to Christ".

The scriptures are taken from the Living Translation or the New International Version chosen for its modern and youthful interpretation of the scriptures.  The fee for these daily uplifting messages is only fifty cents per day and will not require you to sign on to a long-term or complicated contract.  Canceling the account is straightforward, as explained by Josh Aogo, the Business Development Manager, "It is very simple to stop receiving daily scriptures, all you have to do is to text the word STOP to 247478 and the scriptures will stop coming.  In addition, you can visit our website and get additional help."

Canadians sent more than 1.5 billion person-to-person text messages in 2005, more than doubling the previous year`s volume of 710 million, that`s more than 8.7 million text messages each day (source: and more than three-quarters of all these exchange are by people under the age of thirty-five.   The need for positive and uplifting daily feedback is felt by all, regardless of their religion or personal faith, and Josh stated "Although we are a Christian company, we welcome people from all walks of faith and encourage everyone to add this new service to their lives ".  The company feels that all people can benefit from uplifting daily messages, spirituality is not limited to Christian believers.

At this time, the service is only offered to Canadian subscribers but the company is planning to expand globally. 

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