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Published:November 2nd, 2009 07:05 EST
Too Many Jews, Or Too Many Addled Peanut Farmers?

Too Many Jews, Or Too Many Addled Peanut Farmers?

By John Lillpop

Say what you like about ex-president Jimmy Carter, the one undeniable fact is this: America`s 39th president is unstoppable when it comes to humiliating himself, the United States, the state of Georgia, Democrats, Southern Baptists, and liberals in general.

He is the Eveready bunny of political foolishness.

In the latest kerfuffle involving America`s least favorite former president, Carter is alleged to have once complained there were "too many Jews" on the government`s Holocaust Memorial Council.

One cannot know for sure, but it`s a safe bet that Carter also believes that:

* Too many sick people flock to emergency rooms and hospitals;

* Too many pregnant women attend Lamaze classes;

* Too many mentally ill people are seen by psychiatrists;

* Too many deceased people reside in graveyards;

* Too many Republicans attend GOP conventions; and

* Too many Christians worship Jesus Christ.

Besides making President Bush seem clever and former president Bill Clinton seem levelheaded by comparison, what possible motive could Carter have for opening his huge mouth or openly expressing himself in public venues?

All of which brings up the big question: Is America plagued by too many Jews, or by too many addled peanut farmers with delusions of grandeur?