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Published:February 23rd, 2007 10:34 EST
What Good are Blessings?

What Good are Blessings?

By Rev. Leeman A. Place

What do the words we use mean to others? Most people do not realize the powerful effect words have on people who hear us speak. What effect would a blessing have on your life today? Would you recognize a blessing if you heard one? 

I am Chaplain Lee Place ( and I want to talk about how blessings are God’s way of releasing spiritual power to all of us.   

We can all influence the course of other people’s lives in many different ways by what we say to them. For instance, when we say, “Have a nice day,” we are wishing another person well and offering them the blessing of God’s creation; a day filled with good things. 

We can have a tremendous influence over other people by just offering them a positive declaration. Now the same can be said when God blesses us. It is a declaration of good. The scripture tells us, “Where the word of a king is, there is power...”  

If our ultimate goal and concern are to please and glorify our creator...we will attract the favor of God’s blessings. Does this sound too simple? Well it really is! Some people will say this explanation is too simple an explanation in our technological world. Receiving God’s blessing has to be more complicated or involved with some religious belief. I guess that sometimes we forget who we are and who is in charge of everything. It seems to me, King David is a prime example of someone in the Bible who thought he could do anything he wanted and still attract God’s favor and blessing. The fact is David’s behavior was very wrong in a number of instances. He represents how God’s creatures try to have their own way and still want to be blessed by God. However, King David still worshiped God with all his heart and soul, as is evident by the Palms he wrote, and this caused God to bless his reign as king of Israel. 

We too can still find favor in God’s sight, even though we are still rebellious, sinful creatures.

We can attract God’s blessings if we worship, praise and continuously thank God for all we have with all our hearts. In Genesis we are told, you will a blessing, so through you others will be blessed. I t really is just that simple. 

There are many other examples in the Bible of the effects of blessings. Take the one from Prcverbs10: 22, “The blessings of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”

 You see the plan is: God wants to bestow good things on us. God wants to give us all a blessing as the result of our relationship with our Creator. Just as a parent wants to bestow favor on a child, therefore, God wants us to have blessings here on earth now.

The way God distributes blessings is ultimately determined by rewarding individuals who are not ashamed to diligently seek to do God’s will and follow God’s ways as the scripture tells us in Hebrews 11:16, “ . . . we find them longing for a better country, a heavenly one. That is why God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he has a city ready for them.” 

The question we all need to ask ourselves in this ever-destructive world is: Do you believe God will bless you if you are a blessing to God?

God wants to bless those who have the heart to follow the will of God. That does not mean we always have to be right, politically correct, or saintly but it does mean we must love God more than ourselves or anyone else and that is the most difficult part of the deal.

Take a moment to read Romans 12: 11-21. One verse really stands out for me, “Live in agreement with one another.”(REB) We may not realize the effects right away but just praying for someone can release God’s blessings on them. We can also speak blessings to each other whenever we are dealing with each other. Whenever we are in unity with one another the power of God, can and will be released into our respective lives. Psalm 133 is a good example of one of the most profound aspects of blessing others and how it will cause us to hear God’s blessing for us. May we all remember each day to ask for God’s spiritual blessings as we continue to struggle to obey the will of God in an ungodly world. May we praise God each day for the bountiful blessings of peace, joy, wisdom and faith in the spiritual warfare against the world’s misery.