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Published:April 26th, 2007 09:26 EST
Abraham's Nation

Abraham's Nation

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

The Bible says, in The First Book of Moses, that “Mankind will find holiness in The Nation of Abrahamâ€"

The Koran urges Moslems to abide by the Nation of Abraham and suggests a unity amongst God´s various religions.

God´s various religions, though came in different times and different places and reflect the differences of those times and cultures, are the religions of  single GOD and all preach “peace, love, justice, cooperation, knowledge and enlightment, beauty, kindness, self control, modesty, tolerance, courage, belief in life after death, and worship The Almighty God. They all despise lying, adultery, stealing, abuse of one´s resources- personal or environmental-, murder, cruelty, holding equals to God, breaching the nature’s and God’s limits. Nature is the product of God.

There is no reason for various religions of God to fight and compete with one another and have enmity among them… There is no reason for various religions of God to be split within themselves and engage in fights within themselves. God’s books advise “belief in God and in all  the God’s prophets, and in all the books God has sent as a guide to mankindâ€" in a unity and respect for God. All the believers of God, in his different religions, form a Nation of  believers. The name of this nation is The Abraham´s Nation. 

Why not Noah´s Nation or Adam and Eve´s Nation? Probably these prophets were too far off in the history and we have closer reference to Prophet Abraham and his descendants – including the Prophets Moses, David, Jesus and Mohammed.

These four prophets and the four books we have on hand, The Koran, The New Testament, The Old Testament  and The Zabur (The Psalms in The Bible – which had come to Prophet David), are the cornerstones of  The Nation of Abraham – but  our respect to all the God’s Prophets are endless and equal.

Then, what about the Mormons’ Book and Mormon’s Prophets?

There seems to be every sign that Mormon’s Prophets were also the Prophets of God. Mormons’ Book preaches the same values and gives the same lessons as the God’s other four books.

Koran says, God sent innumerable prophets- some were greater than the others, but we, as human beings, must respect them equally. Koran adds, “We have a big gift for those who do not distinguish the God’s prophets from one another!â€"

What about the Buddhism? By Nirvana, don’t they mean God? The high priests of Buddhism say, “yesâ€" and agree to the Almighty God, while the uneducated class of Buddhists don’t accept God.

It is for sure, the innumerable life forms are a result of a very high intelligence and source of knowledge which can not have happened by accident. Behind the mysteries of The Universe, we sense the same power…

What is this ABRAHAM’S NATION then? A new religion?

No, not at all!  It is the fusion of the existing religions of God…It is an already started and existing myth and reality. Its symbol has already been put by The Prophet Abraham – The black stone- in Mecca – which the Moslems visit and pay tribute to, in their annual pilgrimage.

Non-Moslems are not allowed to this site…But, again Islam is not against Christianity and The Bible, or Judaism and The Old Testament. In Koran it is clearly said by God, that it is God who sent these prophets and these books! Islam is against those who do not recognize

Prophet Mohammed as The God’s messenger and The Koran, as the book sent by God.

It seems to be a fashion in the history of religions, that believers of one of the God´s religions do not believe in the next prophet! As such was the case for the Jews- as they did not believe in Jesus, and such was the case for the Christians who did not believe in Mohammed!

But, the Koran clarifies all this. All these are God´s prophets and all the books which came via these prophets are the God´s guidebooks to mankind. 

The Nation of Abraham with equal respect to all the religions of God, makes more sense than

a variety of God’s  religions engaged in fighting within themselves and amongst themselves.

God has said “Peaceâ€" in all his books via all his prophets. 

An interesting issue is that the word “Islamâ€" comes from the Arabic  “slmâ€", which means “Peaceâ€". It is the religions of those who believe in “Peaceâ€" and Moslem means “a person who believes in Peaceâ€" . 

ABRAHAM’S NATION is an advice of God – as it is stated in The Bible and The Koran.

It is here, among the true believers of God. We must only take its dust off it and recognize it

and respect it. It has been here since the Prophet Abraham. Its prophets are all the prophets of God, its books are all the books of God. Its teachings are all the teachings of God. 

ABRAHAM’S NATION is a nation of enlightment, openness, tolerance, love, peace, justice, cooperation, respect and consideration and kindness, of sciences and the arts, of belief in God and in worshipping God and praying for God’s benevolence and mercy and help- with our daily life, with our scientific and artistic progress and achievement, for solving our problems on the earth, in the universe!  

ABRAHAM’S   NATION   is the end of wars and conflicts, enmity among the peoples of the world, because of their misunderstandings of their religions. ABRAHAM’S   NATION is a step towards a paradise on earth. 


No, there are no annual fees, entrance requirements, rules other than believing in God and in  all his prophets and books equally. (If there have been  changes or omissions in these books, that is not the fault of The God and his  prophets- that is the fault of the human beings or  the elapse of time. These books contain, in despite of all, wonderful teachings which lead us to a happy, useful life.)  ABRAHAM’S   NATION   members should read all the books of God, starting with the one of their choice! 

Enmity and misunderstandings among the followers of various God’s religions are because

these followers have either not read their books or the books of the other religions of God. 

As believers in one God and in all his prophets, a safe, enlightened path in our lives await us, to take us to the promised land of love and peace and justice.

One common question from the Moslems, Christians and Jews and the Zerdusht (believers in Zabur- which came to Prophet David-Psalms  in the Bible)  is : “Why should I leave my religion and join the  Abraham’s Nation? “ This is a wrong question!  One cannot leave his religion and  join the ABRAHAM’S  NATION,  one brings his religion into the ABRAHAM’S  NATION , to join it! 

But, what about the differences in these religions? 

As one reads these books, one understands that the differences are not in the books, they are in the minds!  A few differences, important as they seem, can be subjects of discussion – and not subjects for conflicts and wars! These are the religions of God, which is one!

The  books are astonishingly the same…The Zabur (The Psalms) are incredible and beautiful praises  to God;  The Old Testament  is a unique record of   history and God’s orders to The Prophet Moses, with whom God spoke word by word;  and record of the preceding prophets and their prophecy and God’s orders to them; The New Testament  is a very sweet  compilation of memories of  Jesus and his teachings, by his apostles; and The Koran is  a record of  what God has told to mankind via his prophet Mohammed,  a  detailed and  perfect guidebook for life.

All these books are open to sciences and the arts:

“No one will come to me in darknessâ€" says the Bible.

“Those who understand science, understand this book better!â€" says The Koran.

“Beautyâ€" which is the main concern of the arts, is a common value in all the God’s books. 

Mormon’s Book and the books of the Buddhism are also full of praise for knowledge and beauty as well. There is not a single word in any of these books against one another. These books form an encyclopaedia of God’s guidance to mankind. The lost ones are lost. Lost parts are lost. What we have on hand, is an incredible collection of guidebooks for the mankind.  

Albert Einstein’s words suit ABRAHAM’S NATION well:  “Religion without science is blindness;  science without  religion is shear  paralysis!â€"                                                                  

History is full of examples of how the various religions of GOD respected one another, and  came close one another and  cherished and  understood one another,  and confirmed one another!

Ottomans respected fully the religions of the peoples whose lands they conquered, when they built their great Empire. In Ortaköy, Istanbul, a mosque, a church, a synagogue stand side by side, in the same bloc. On Fridays, as the Ottoman army exercised their weekly noon prayer , a priest and a rabbi stood on either sides of the Imam.  

Today, all the respectable nations of the west and the east cherish and accept and respect all the religions of GOD equally.  

In the year 2000, Brussels, the center of  The European Union, was the stage  for an  exhibition  about the various religions of GOD,  under the leadership of H.E. Romano Prodi,

The Chief of The EU, then and Msgr. Bartholomeos,  The Head of the Greek- Orthodox  belief  in Istanbul.  

In Stockholm, Sweden, Abrahams Barn (The Children of Abraham) Foundation received the City´s highest cultural prize, the same year. They are fully active everywhere in Sweden, bringing together the believers of God, from various religions. 

Famous German theologian Hans Kung’s Welt Ethos Project, started in 1990, became the center of  attention in 1993, in The Parliament of The World Religions, in Chicago. 

Some years ago, a common proclamation under the name "ISTANBUL  INVITATIONâ€" was signed by  Imam Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz,  The Chief of the Department of Religious Affairs of Turkey;  Msgr. Bartholomeos, The Head Priest of The Greek Othodox Church in Istanbul;  Rabbi Ishak Haleva, Acting Head of  The Jewish Congregation in Istanbul; The Armenian Patric Msgr Mesrob II;  Msgr Ohannes Colakyan, The Armenian Catholic leader;

The Chief of The Assyrian Catholic Church Msgr Yusuf Sag; Assyrian Orthodox Chief Priest

Metropolit Filuksinos Yusuf Cetin; Chief Priest of The Bulgarian Orthodox Church Konstantin Kostof;;  Msgr. Louis Pelatre,  Head of The Latin Catholic Church in Istanbul; and The  Head of The Keldani Church Msgr Raul Karatas.

In this proclamation, it was stated that all the religions of God share the same principles and values and  violence  and terrorism and wars  can not be accepted  in our world. 

In early  November 2005,   President of the  Religious Affairs of Turkish Republic  Prof Dr. Ali Bardakoglu met in capital Ankara, with the  leaders of the Christian and Jewish  beliefs in Turkey, to discuss the matters of peace and coming closer of the God’s religions, to which meeting  US President Bush sent a special “Peace Message".  Nov  2, 2005, in Haninge, Stockholm, Moslem, Christian, Jewish religious leaders met to discuss the future of God’s religions. 

Nov 28, 2006 , His Holiness The Pope Benedict XVI visited Turkey, and prayed in The Blue Mosque, as well as in The Orthodox Church  of Istanbul,  an important step in bringing closer the God’s religions. His trip was very well received both in the Moslem and the Christian world and is an assurance of peace for the future.  

Abraham’s Nation is well and alive and its spirit shows itself continuously in our world.                                                              

Enmity and conflicts among the God’s religions are a result of ignorance and of the systematic exploitation of the peoples, for political and economic reasons.

Understanding the God’s books and religions and accepting ABRAHAM’S  NATION as a uniting  spirit, is the most promising start for a world peace and cooperation.

The author of the article Prof.(Hon.) Askin Ozcan  has started a  movement titled

THE BELIEVERS , to contribute to the revival of the Abraham’s nation ideal.  He can be reached by the interested who have studied the Bible and The Koran and would like to contribute positively to the same idea, at : 

Askin Ozcan is also the author of the book, SMALL MIRACLES,  ISBN   1598001000 published by Outskirts Press, which contains a collection of thirty small miracles from his own life  as well as an invitation to join an Abraham’s Nation movement.  Available at major internet sites, including ,  

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