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Published:May 8th, 2007 10:01 EST
Small Miracles

Small Miracles

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Do miracles happen? What are they? What distinguishes them from coincidences?

First of all, I think we have to distinguish the “miracles” from the “small miracles”. “Miracles” are the occurrences which were made by the prophets of God, or the acts which God makes, which are so very unusual and great and save people from disasters or help them in very grave conditions. Phenomena, which have not been seen before and can not be produced by the human beings.  The life itself is a miracle. Our being born, growing, dying are miracles. The functioning of our brains, our whole organisms, our DNA s are miracles.

A child’s falling from a seventh floor balcony and surviving; a plane’s crushing and breaking into three parts and no one dying, are miracles. (SAS plane crushing in Gottröra, Sweden, on a Christmas Eve many years ago)  Many such miracles can be found in the media time by time. “Small Miracles” are, as its name suggest, “miracles on a smaller scale” and happen in our lives often. They help us, protect us or sometimes may punish us, sometimes merely point out that God is with us always and we are not alone.

To distinguish a coincidence from a small miracle, I always give the following example:

If you find a hundred dollar bill on the street, it may be a coincidence. But, if you need  forty five dollars and eighty five cents for a bus ticket and if you find a wallet on the street which has in it forty five dollars and eighty five cents, that my friends, is not a coincidence, but a “small miracle” and a clear gift of God. 

In my book SMALL MIRACLES, I have written about thirty such small miracles, which happened to me in a variety of countries. Some were really big happenings which played a very big role in my life. Some were very much appreciated “small miracles”.

In all the books of God, be it The Bible or The Koran or the Mormon’s Book or in the scripts of the Buddhists (by Nirvana, they also mean God) there is mention of “small miracles”. I know, you will ask me to give an example of a small miracle which happened to me:

In 1968, as I lived in South Boston, I went out of my apartment, on a Saturday morning, in February, to go to my girl friend’s birth-day party. Snow was up to the knees. I had planned to cash a cheque in the grocery shop below, as I always do, and buy in a shop across the street, a scarf for my girl friend. (That shop did not accept cheques) But, alas, the owner in the grocery shop was ill and instead, his son had come that day and he didn’t cash my cheque. I was helpless. I had to take a present to my girl friend. Busses didn’t function normally due to snow and there wasn’t time anyway, to go to downtown to buy a present. Pondering helpless, what to do, all of a sudden  a long Sears truck stood in front of  me, at the traffic lights. When the light turned green, it pulled off with great speed; its back doors opened and a parcel fell off it, on to the snow. I picked it up and wanted to put it into the mail box in front of me. But, its address label was torn off and neither the sender’s address nor the recipient’s address could be read. I took it up to my apartment, opened it and found in it, much to my surprise, a 2- piece knit dress- a yellow blouse and a dark blue skirt, priced at $ 89.90 ( a secretary’s weekly wage at that time) I wrapped it and took it to my girl friend as a birth-day present. That was a small miracle.

In my book SMALL MIRACLES – ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press) there are exactly thirty true stories of small miracles, some much bigger. I sent the book to His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI  as a modest Christmas present in 2006, as I was inspired by his praying in The Blue Mosque, in Istanbul, which won the hearts of the Moslems. And I received a “Thank you” note from Vatican, together with an autographed portrait of His Holiness which

I shall keep all my life with great pride. “Small Miracles” do happen!