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Published:June 25th, 2007 20:47 EST
We  Are All Part Of A Garden

We Are All Part Of A Garden

By Carolee Kaufold

Gardens all have the same thing in common. If you live in the West or the South, in warm weather or cold weather, they have the same factors. There are trees, grass, flowers, plants and sidewalks. There will be dirt and flowers. Fences and annuals may even make up your garden.

When you stand back and look at the garden, you see what hard work has gone into making the garden. I want to tell you about a special garden. This garden is filled with all kinds of stuff. The best dirt to make the flowers and trees grow, prize winning flowers to grow in the sun. Tall trees to give shade and lots of water to keep it growing.

But in this garden we are the trees, plants and grass. We are what makes this planet work. And here is how! When we are born not only do we have a DNA gene, we also have an occupation gene. Now don`t laugh, yet! We are born with gifts that make our lives easier. Some of us are teachers, cab drivers or waitresses. Or, we might be writers, singers or factory workers. We all have the opportunity to make our garden grow.

Did you ever think about a carton of milk, and how it got to your table? After the cow gets milked, it goes to many people who have different jobs to get it to your breakfast cereal. The farmer, the milking plant, then the carton or bottle maker to the trucker driver who takes it to the store. Then a store clerk put it on a shelf, you pick it up and take it to a cashier and she puts it in a bag that was made in another factory. Well, you get the idea. There are so many jobs and so many talented people who can fill them.

I was watching TV and really enjoying the acting. Then it hit me: God gave the actor the acting gene and desire to do a good job. The doctor or fireman knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. When you were 12, how many times did your favorite aunt ask you, "What are you going to be when your grow up?" You may have said I want to be in the Navy or build cars or even be a travel agent.

I read where deaf people were working in a noisy factory because hearing people could not stand the noise. How about nurses doing things that you don`t think you have the strength to do? Or how about Ministers who are comforting and caring? Then there are folks who take tolls on the highway, or bakers at the local bakery. There are a million and one type of jobs. God gave us the desire to do different things. Look at the want ads from Sunday`s paper. Then read how many jobs there are in the Garden of our lives.

The flowers won`t grow without the dirt. The trees wouldn`t grow without the roots. The grass wouldn`t grow without the seeds. And they all wouldn`t grow without the water. God is the water in our garden; He gives us the strength to be powerful plants. He is our source of life and the Gardener of our world.