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Published:August 16th, 2007 15:25 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Betty Champion, Author of Yes We Can Be Perfect In Our Generation

Judyth Piazza chats with Betty Champion, Author of Yes We Can Be Perfect In Our Generation

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Betty Champion has been a bible teacher and writer since 1986.

Betty Champion has had a love for God since she was six years old. It was in a Baptist Church at six years old she first became aware of God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God revealed himself to Betty in that church and showed his love to her.

Over the years The Holy Spirit would come and draw Betty more and more into the Presence of the Lord.  She would experience His Holy love, and sense His presence being with her. The Holy Spirit became her teacher and mentor. 

In the past 21 years she has taught bible to all ages groups. She has taught in homes, churches, Women groups, the work place, children`s church, in boys and girls clubs, and on the internet. She has rented social rooms in Hotels in order to have meetings to share God`s word. She rented a old building in town to teach neighborhood children about God and His love for them. She has created discipleship manuals at her own expense and gave them away free of charge to those she taught.

The Holy Spirit has called and sent Betty Champion to teach the nations. 

As The Holy Spirit directed her, she has sent bibles and manuals to India as requested by one Pastor so they can teach their people how to stop sinning and become saints of The Most High God. Recently she was asked by another Pastor from India to pray accepting the office of Honorary President of District Ministries.

She has been invited to Germany, New York, Mississippi,  Bulgaria to teach.

She has written two books called, Yes We Can Be Perfect In Our Generation, " and a second book called, God, Jesus and Paul said, Be Perfect "

Betty Champion is inspired by The Holy Spirit to write and teach as The Holy Spirit leads. She has spent 21 years in The Word of God studying and teaching night and day, and plans to continue through out her life time. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. What God called us to do, we must do it.

She is 55 years old and is the  mother of two daughters,  five grand-children, and one great grand child whom all she loves very much.

She has devoted her whole life to serving God and keeping His Commandments.

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