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Published:November 15th, 2007 06:54 EST
The End Times, New Predictions

The End Times, New Predictions

By SOP newswire

 People are curious why the Antichrist will come, how he will emerge, and what exactly he will do. These questions and more are answered in Rex Lombardo`s new book, "Predictions of the End Times: An Accurate Portrayal of the Antichrist and his Actions." New predictions on the advancements of economics, science, philosophy, and religion are given in full detail.

In the future, a new form of government will be imposed upon nations for greater efficiency and to prevent corruption. Life will be improved through a new tax system that utilizes contract-based services for all government funding. Wall Street will be reformed with new policies that will stabilize the financial climate of the future.

Scientific achievements will bring about a new perspective on properly unifying quantum mechanics and relativity through a theory based upon the constitute of kinetic energy. Futuristic solutions are given for abortion, homosexuality, overpopulation, stem cell research, Creationism vs. Darwinism, and many other philosophical issues. Impact will be felt when the Antichrist causes the downfall of false religions and only Christianity remains.

Details are given on how the Antichrist will trigger the great tribulation which will initiate Armageddon for Mankind. Information is provided on why the Antichrist is the harbinger of the Second Coming and what people must do in order to prepare for such events.

This book is intended for those who are curious about futuristic events and the advancement of economics, science, philosophy, and religious matters. Rex Lombardo`s visions started when he was in college and this book is the compilation of over 20 years of his work. The author will show how worldwide events taking place today are reflective of what the prophet Daniel predicted many years ago.

Title: Predictions of the End Times: An Accurate Portrayal of the Antichrist and his Actions

Author: Rex Lombardo

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