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Published:December 31st, 2007 13:10 EST

Indian Sashtra's (Spirituality) Continues

By SOP newswire

From ages sashtra gnanam was never separated from spirituality in India. When this sashtram was started tobe termed as science, the problems started. What Sri Ravi Shankar has said is that in India there is no doubt about the science as sashtram. But few wested interested people have, have created ill meanings of the sashtras, since they could not understand the meanings of these great relevant books. All the Vedas do tell about life sciences, how to improve the once own life. Even UPA+ANU+SHATS (UPANISHADS); ( truths of life) meaning the ways for making ones life healthy, peaceful, harmonious and serene, Describe the same. All these books were brought out only after greater understanding and observations. The power of the human beings lies in the control of the mind from all sorts of distractions including once own body. All these texts tell only one thing that how to make once body and mind free of distractions, that is how to be more human being. Present days miserable conditions all over the world are due to Man's brain problems. Even in India even though we are all well aware of the Vedas still the problems are many fold because of the wested interests that are purely materialistic. Simple a person who cannot conquer his/her own brain how he/she can lead so many people from misery to prosperous. Here prosperous means not money to healthy ways of life, which can make this world peaceful, harmonious and serene.
Om Bhoorbhuvasvah Om Tatsat viturvarenyam Bargo
Devasya Dheemahi Diyo yonah Prachodyath
O God. Let the  mind of humans open for betterment from the darkness, let it give a ray of hope for the other humans towards the path of peace, Harmony and serenity.
There is no race that is superior, nor there is no religion that is superior, nor there is no place/region where the ray of hope can not reach. Every life on this earth struggles for it's survival. Only humans because of the brain create all the mess, they discriminate others by religion/race/region/sect/sub-sect etc.

Om Bhoorbhuvasvah Om Tatsat viturvarenyam Bargo
Devasya Dheemahi Diyo yonah Prachodyath

The meaning of the above, is that, the ray of light makes the food through plants, in that food again  when the oils are lighted in a lamp give again light. When this lighted lamp burns slow and studily only all the things are burnt to back to their normal elements. If the same thing burnt instantaniously lot of heat and other powders and gasses are more. Life of other kind depend on these foods which we call veg's most of the the life on this earth depend on the life which depends on the one's which consume veg or non-veg, occordingly their mentalities also.

The people of the superior genes are also just like the lighted lamp, they spread their knowledge of wisdom like wise, to remove the darkness in the minds of other fellow beings.

with warm regards an WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR,

vishali anuradha