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Published:January 9th, 2008 03:31 EST
Only One ism is Great - The Religion of Humanism

Only One ism is Great - The Religion of Humanism

By SOP newswire

Great philosophers of India have always preached this and practised it. That's why, as the invaders came, those who settled and honoured other religions only ruled this country, and those became part and parcel of Hindu culture.

Just by converting or changing the way of life just for material comforts or to get undue advantage have no meaning.

Even fighting for the sake of only one particular religion has no relevance. History of Hindu cultural evolution is in the form of literature, similarly in other cultures also. When we read history separated from literature, the true history is lost.

Indianism mainly depends on restoring human rights to live. Whoever maintains the human rights or restores them are called history makers.

Human Rights
1) Live and let others live
2) At least a loaf of bread for everybody
3) A place to have shelter
4) Freedom to practice what they belive or have faith in
5) All life forms are representatives of the almighty.
6) Contribute to societal peace, harmony, and serenity in whatever fashion one can
7) Upholding human rights is of prime importance, it is for the people


vishali anuradha