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Published:March 15th, 2008 06:00 EST
An Interview Against Extremism

An Interview Against Extremism

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

‘Life is easy, let’s not complicate it’.

The idea is to look at some orthodox beliefs in religion of which one might say, it’s as a result of man’s ignorance.  For example, just using certain words in public-- like kidnapper, suicide bomber, terrorism, mercenary, rebellion…etc.

To my greatest dismay, I could read a high sense of fear from their looks when mentioning words such as terrorism, bomber, and kidnapper. Shockingly, most people ignored rebellion and mercenary, perhaps forgetting that these persons described have a common goal, through which harm is incurred, as well as posing a threat to mankind and its environment.

Being curious, many people opened up to me referring to persons engaged in any of the aforementioned act as Moslem (Islamic).
Oh, my God!  Making the debate more interesting and funny.

Mallam Isa’s reaction

Origin of Islam which came from another Arabic word known as ‘salaam’, meaning "peace", from which Islam as a religion originating in the days of Noah... preaching the worshiping of the ones of God, total submission to the will of God.

Generations after, then came Mohammad-- a prophet who was called by Allah to lead his people, enabling them to distinguish right from wrong.

Just like the Holy Bible having 10 commandments, the Holy Quran has 5 pillars;

-total submission to the will of God.
-mankind must pray 5 times daily.
-fasting especially through out the 9th month in Ramadan.
-arms giving.
-visitation to the Holy Mosque (ka’abah).


People say, Islamic faith (Moslem) believes in ‘a tooth for a tooth’.

Isa’s reaction

(Smile) I know where you are going.

Holy Quran chapter 5:32 says ‘because of that we ordained for the children of Israel that if any one killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land. It would be as if he killed all mankind, and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all nations’.

Same goes in chapter 17:31, 33, condemning killing except in the Shariah law, which is also known as the Islamic laws that gives power to be killed when caught committing adultery only.

Again, in the books of Hadith, he tells us the lifestyle of the prophet Mohammad, and is particular about forgiveness. Man must learn how to forgive, and if one can't forgive 3 days after the act was committed, then you cease becoming of Islamic faith-- preferably you pay back of equivalent capacity (not by killing/murder). For example, if somebody slaps you, then you feel you can’t forgive the person, make sure you give that person a slap not below/above the impact you had felt.


If I understood, Islam condemns bombers, terrorism, etc.
Why are most of these persons Moslem, and often when they are interviewed, they always say ‘we desired death in the path of Allah. God is the greatest way’.

Isa’s reaction

Terrorism… or whatever you may have called it... is not Islamic.

Long before Osama Bin laden, Ariel Sharon, Saddam Hussein, I didn’t know of terrorism.  It’s a pity these persons are from the Islamic religion. All the same, I think the problem in the Middle East is an issue of racism and custom, not religion. If that be the case, then African Moslem’s are incomplete, because no African Moslem that I know of has ever been involved in such act.

In addition, you’ll realize that any person who invented or started anything will forever be a reference.


Yes or no answer. Could any one be a terrorist?

Isa’s response



What is the difference between terrorism…from revenge/avenge?

Frida Azong’s response

I don’t think there is any difference, because if one gets a cross section on some of the attacks;

Chechen, October. 2002.
World trade centre, September 11, 2001.
Alvianobasen, Italy June 1995.

These you bear with me that the core is to avenge the death of love ones. For me, terrorism…is just people revenging, because it’s rare to find a bomber who’s not revenging.

In the eyes of the innocent, its wrong-- but I bet you, when you are hurt you can do it. Except divine intervention.


What do you think makes Moslem’s more involved in the aforementioned acts others?

Frida’s response

Any person can kill, but Moslems are far more dangerous than others. These guys move with daggers, and even their children are trained to move with poisonous swords.

What for?! This already gives the society the impression they are dangerous.

While I was in the North, these Moslems had a little misunderstanding in a bear parlor and one of them told the friend; Allah! I will spear you... he did it and the friend died.

Honestly, these people believe that when they say Allah! that it is a guarantee to do anything and will go straight to heaven.


My aim in writing this is to let the public be aware of the Islamic religion and erase all sort of nurses against Islamic religion. In this article, you realize that as much as Christians misinterpret the bible, so do Moslems with the Quran. Moreover, let’s not get confused between custom, ethics, and morals...because each varies within nations, except for religion.

Man shouldn’t be weak; be strong and have a will that nobody should brainwash you.

No matter our differences-- whether in religion, color, tribe, custom, names…etc-- we are one and have only one God. Some societies might have different names depending on their language, dialect; but all these are referring to one God.

Thanks to Frida Azong & Mallam Isa, his dream is to be an alhadji, which you will be. Just be brave.

Isa kappin Adamu
Tel: (00237) 77 65 71 83

Frida Azong