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Published:March 24th, 2008 06:14 EST
Hindi is the Only Language in the World Which is Corrupted

Hindi is the Only Language in the World Which is Corrupted

By SOP newswire

Hindi is in danger of declining and extremely polluted – 26


One cannot live with a myth that modern borrowings are acceptable.  Chinese, French and Japanese do not use a single foreign word, no matter how modern, technical or scientific that word is.  So definitely any borrowings are not permissible if one has to maintain the purity of their language.   I have read many Hindi books translated from English.  Translated   in pure Hindi.  I had no problem in comprehending it.

Translation was grammatically correct.  In fact it is our daily life spoken Hindi which is of sub-standard.  Thanks to Hindi (Urdu) Film industry and TV and Hindi media.

I have travelled worldwide and have seen people speaking their native language at its purity.  One cannot give excuse of quoting examples of English or other European languages borrowings.  These languages were never rich.

Sanskrit is very rich language and capable of forming any new words of modern era.  It is language which is beyond time.  So too is Hindi being offshoot of Sanskrit.  It can be written and spoken purely from its Sanskrit root.  It can be very well comprehended too. Only people's will is required to practice at its purity.

Problem is that we Bhaaratiya have lost our self-esteem.  We are simply trying to ape westerns rather than revive our language.  Certainly Government is no help.  Radio & TV, Hindi (Urdu) movies, newspapers and magazines are anti Hindi.  Today, Hindi is the only language in the world which is completely corrupted. Corrupted by our Bhaaratiya Govt and Media.

Time has come for Hindi renaissance and Hindi devotees have to initiate it.  If Israel can revive Hebrew then why we cannot revive Hindi.  First people must throw away wrong notions and concepts.  Perception must be changed and then Hindi can be enriched and spoken to its high quality and pure level.