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Published:April 28th, 2008 14:43 EST
Blowback, Scientology Essay: Tom Cruise Is One of The Best...

Blowback, Scientology Essay: Tom Cruise Is One of The Best...

By Robert Paul Reyes

Today I will share a few thoughts about a rebuttal (Occult of Scientology ) to my essay, "Scientology, The Wealth Cult."

Let me begin by applauding my colleague for his intelligent, well written, and respectful article. The Internet is rife with ad hominem attacks, it`s refreshing when persons with opposing views can debate intelligently and honestly.

First let`s consider the trivial matter of Tom Cruise. My detractor writes:

"Although I consider Tom to be a remarkable actor and a marvelous individual whom I have great respect for, I am not a Scientologist, nor do I particularly endorse it."

I agree with the first part of this statement, Tom Cruise is one of the best actors of his generation. But he is not a marvelous individual, he has a quirky personality that sometimes borders on the neurotic. His attack on Brooke Shields for taking medication for post-partum depression is unforgivable. With his sofa-jumping antics Cruise is not a good spokesperson for Scientology or any other organization.

The main premise of the rebuttal to my editorial is that Scientology is being singled out for criticism:

"This article I refer to complains of Scientology being an extortion cult. But I submit that such a claim can justifiably be said against Christianity. Does not Christianity also exhibit the traits of a cult? Indeed, IS just as much a cult as Scientology?"

I am a freethinker and I strongly believe that this world would be better off without organized religions. I have written many essays critical of organized religions, especially the brand of Christianity promulgated by televangelists. I am in agreement with my critic, some forms of Christianity do exhibit the traits of a cult.

But Scientology is an especially pernicious cult that bankrupts its members by selling them bogus training sessions. The average Catholic or Methodist does not have to pay outrageous sums in order to hear a homily or sermon delivered by his pastor or priest.

My critic writes:

"I admit Scientology tends to be a litigious organization, and that "YES "it has the financial resources to do so."

Thanks for admitting the obvious, it`s the official policy of the Church of Scientology to harass their critics, especially members of the press.

I wrote scores of articles criticizing the late Jerry Falwell. His organization never threatened or harassed me, on the contrary, the Liberty University campus newspaper once published extensive excerpts from an essay I wrote vilifying Falwell without distorting my viewpoint.

I concluded my Scientology opinion piece with these words, "Watch the video, research Scientology and make up your own minds. Allow me to conclude this article with these similar words. Research Scientology and the religion that you subscribe to and make up your own minds.

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