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Published:April 29th, 2008 08:09 EST
Reverend Wright's Theology is Wrong

Reverend Wright's Theology is Wrong

By SOP newswire2

In an attempt to clarify his position on race, patriotism, and his theology the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor to Senator Barrack Obama, has added to the firestorm and created further problems for the candidate for the Democrat nomination for the presidency according to the Rev Dr. Charles Nestor, Senior Fellow at the Washington, D. C. based National Clergy Council.

"Dr. Wright in his recent addresses to churches, to the NAACP convention in Detroit, and before the National Press Club reiterated his previous controversial statements about America and his commitment to an Afro-centric world view, raising even more questions than he answered," said Nestor In a detailed and a rather esoteric rehearsal of black history Wright focused on the differences in black and white learning styles, musical propensities, and religious experience. He avoided comment on his profane references about the damning of the United States, his characterization of the country as the KKK USA, and other statements found by many to be offensive.

Nestor indicated that Wright explicitly tied his views to those of James Cone, theology professor and liberation theology advocate. Liberation theology teaches that God is the liberator of those who labor under the oppression of ruling classes, especially in their economic pursuits, and that the gospel was given to provide a means of freedom from the oppressors. This ostensible Christian theology has its roots in the Marxist doctrines of class struggle and economic determinism.

Many within the Christian community will find this objectionable and not within mainstream historic Christian teaching. Nestor concluded that Senator Obama must now further explain to the electorate why he attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for twenty years, and whether or not he embraces the pastor and his controversial theology. Dr. Nestor resides in Lakeland, Florida


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