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Published:April 30th, 2008 07:57 EST
Jason Beghe Speaks Out Against Scientology

Jason Beghe Speaks Out Against Scientology

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Church of Scientology has recruited high profile stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta; the cult has shamelessly exploited these celebrities to attract new members. It's a great strategy, but it can backfire with a vengeance when a star renounces Scientology. A celebrity has a platform to express his misgivings about Scientology.

Case in point: The former Scientologist and famous actor, Jason Beghe, has gone on a media crusade to expose Scientology.

"Two weeks ago, in a YouTube video and an interview with the Voice, Jason Beghe denounced Scientology as a 'rip-off' that 'brainwashed' its members. A veteran actor of film and TV, Beghe recently left Scientology after 12 years in the controversial church, during which he estimates he spent a million dollars on classes and training in Scientology´s arcane practices.

Beghe went public with his newest offensive against the church last night by posting online a letter addressed to Scientology leader David Miscavige. In the letter, Beghe demands that Miscavige return his confidential confessional files—dossiers compiled during his therapy, which, Beghe says, are also kept on Tom Cruise and other celebrity Scientologists."

Quotation from Tony Ortega writing for the Village Voice

A friend of mine, against my protestations, invested thousands of dollars in a pyramid scheme. I thought she was one of the handful who actually made any money, because she bought a car shortly thereafter. Only years later did she confess that she lost her life savings and was too embarrassed to tell her friends.

Scientologists stay in the cult, long after they realize it's a scam, because they are too ashamed to admit that they have been taken in. In their therapy sessions, called audits, Scientologist are urged to confess their innermost secrets. Fear of blackmail is another reason disillusioned Scientologists stay in the cult.

I applaud Jason Beghe for his courage in speaking out against Scientology. Readers be warned: It's easy to join Scientology, but very difficult to leave.

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