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Published:May 3rd, 2008 07:33 EST
Naomi Judd Keeps the Faith Both On and Off Camera

Naomi Judd Keeps the Faith Both On and Off Camera

By Garrett Godwin

Sundays has been a day to sleep in after staying out on Saturday night. It is the day to watch NFL football as well as the time to watch Desperate Housewives. However, for some people, Sunday is the start of a new week. But it is also the day where people go to church -- like Naomi Judd, who went from being "a very insatiably Christian" to a "Super-Believer".

"Mom tells a story about running into my Sunday School teacher at the grocery store on Saturday night", said one-half of the Grammy-winning Judds, "and she hurriedly pushed her cart past Mom and said, 'I got to get home and work on my lesson plan because I know Diana Ellen's going to be there, waving her hand frantically, 'Would you explain that Immaculate Conception just one more time?' Ok, how did he raise Lazraus from the dead' But I had a need that God was the creator of the whole stinkin' universe, and there was this tapestry, this elegant creation, and it was for me to explore and to ask every question I could come up with."

Judd, who has been raising awareness for Hepatitis C since her diagnosis in 1991 (she has been in remission), is now adding "talk show host" to her lists of talents with Naomi's New Morning. Described as a cross between Oprah and The View, the series features interview segments of authors and celebrities such as One Life To Live's Kassie DePaiva and medium John Edward; another segment, "Naomi's Circle of Friends", features people of different religions.

"Every time I am with a person of faith", she said, "A person who, first of all, knows their beliefs and values -- I think values are what we consider important, what our priorities are, what's important to us -- I can't wait to ask them questions. I consider it an inner-view, and that's actually what I do on this Hallmark [Channel] show."

Taped in New York City, Naomi's New Morning also deals with stories that come from the heart such as individuals discussing with Judd on how their lives have been changed for the better because of their faith.

"These are people like you and me", Judd stated, whose talk show has been on the Hallmark Channel since the fall of 2005. "This is what I call TV worth watching."

Naomi Judd has been defined as a wife, mother, artist, activist, humanitarian, and so on. However, she remains humble and grounded -- not taking anything for granted, for she knows that who she is comes from above.

"God holds my world together" said the energetic 62-year-old. "It's as simple as that. That's the deepest source of your identity, my identity, and the person reading this right now or listening to the sound of my voice."

Source: BeliefNet