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Published:May 5th, 2008 15:17 EST
Chuck Norris: Commencement Speaker For Univeristy Founded By Jerry Falwell

Chuck Norris: Commencement Speaker For Univeristy Founded By Jerry Falwell

By Robert Paul Reyes

On May 10, Liberty University (founded by the late Jerry Falwell) will have its commencement ceremony which features movie action hero Chuck Norris.

A commencement speaker at a evangelical university should be a learned theologian or a noted individual whose life and body of work exemplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Christ of the Gospels turned the other cheek, he didn't kung fu to kingdom come anyone who gave him a hard look. Norris' work on film and on TV is saturated in blood, his "Walker, Texas Ranger" TV series is notable for its gratuitous violence.

What would Jesus Do? I don't think he would go to the cinemaplex and watch a typical Norris film like "Silent Rage" or Forced Vengeance." And I don't think he would attend a Liberty University graduation ceremony featuring Chuck Norris.

The folks who run Liberty University, like most evangelical Christians, have little problem with violence in our popular culture. But if Norris had starred in "Brokeback Mountain", they would never have selected him as their graduation speaker. Liberty's motto seems to be: Blood and gore good. Sex, especially gay sex, bad.

If Liberty University wants to go the movie star route, shouldn't they  select a younger celebrity who would appeal to high school students who are considering enrolling at Liberty?

I'm not a tough guy but Chuck Norris doesn't intimidate me, the 68-year-old former kung fu master is well past his prime, and he would have a difficult time whipping Richard Simmons.

By having Chuck Norris as their commencement speaker, Liberty University is announcing to the world that their brand of Christianity is shallow and empty.