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Published:May 12th, 2008 06:44 EST
Scientologist Op Ed Piece Is False About Me

Scientologist Op Ed Piece Is False About Me

By SOP newswire2

Dear editors, 

I am the Christa Martin that John Brown speaks of in the May 9 FALSE News Blaze article. Everything that he says of me is completely false. I wrote that Good Times article about Scientology under my own name. Has he read the article? Clearly not as everything he says about the article is false. I wrote a story about "Janet" a woman who was a former Scientologist and I told her story (which he does not mention). I was never a Scientologist and I`m not one now. His entire story is false. I have no idea who Elli Perkins is. I`m not acquainted with your publication, but I can only assume it`s some sort of fictional publication, as everything that Mr. Brown has written is false. If this is a serious publication you have written an op ed piece that is a complete lie. I`m shocked and would like an immediate retraction and correction because falsehoods have been written about me, and this is slander to my name and person. This is a VERY serious matter. Please address this immediately. 


Christa Martin 
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