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Published:May 18th, 2008 07:40 EST
 About Scientology: No Tom is not remarkable actor nor a great guy

About Scientology: No Tom is not remarkable actor nor a great guy

By SOP newswire2

About Scientology: You'll Pay For Your Insolence
By Sean Stubblefield

It's very great to pretend that making one's own search could lead you to the truth. That is not and will never be true, Sean. Indeed, are you able in any way to judge what is right or wrong in sciences that you don't know?

Or, are you able to distinguish for yourself the subjective things vs the objectrive which influence your decisions?

There is nobody in the world who can't be lured into false reasoning about facts or effects of facts.

See from your text: you consider that cruise is a remarkable actor. Not me, I consider Travolta way over him, and others are still better than Travolta. See? That's subjective. Later, you compare christinaity with scientology. Problme is that if you knew scientology and were willing to say the truth abouit it, you would'nt call it a religion, but a science, a mind science or whatever, as "religion" is considered by advanced scientologists (I was one) as an invention from psychiatrists, trillions years ago, an "IMPLANT", they call it.

Now, pretending that christinaity is still an extortion cult puts you directly into the range of those who are intolerant, as most christians are not money-led. Later, you contradict yourself by saying that scientology is therapy and has to make profits. Well, that's not a religious character!

The more I kept into your text, the more I think you've been completely brainwashed by the procultist arguments, since any of those you've useed are used by scientologists and some other cults it has subjugated. I consider you should think again to any of what you wrote, and see if the reversal of your arguments could also be defended!

roger gonnet

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