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Published:May 25th, 2008 15:40 EST
No Jail Time For UK Teen for Calling Scientology A Cult

No Jail Time For UK Teen for Calling Scientology A Cult

By Robert Paul Reyes

As a newspaper columnist and as a blogger I`m not afraid to tackle controversial subjects. There are no sacred cows, only sitting ducks -- waiting for me to criticize them.

I`ve lambasted everyone from Mother Teresa to the President of the United States. I may not always be right in my assessment of people in the news, but I`m never wrong for exercising my constitutional right to express myself.

Some European countries have taken the concept of hate speech to an extreme. In England you can be jailed for expressing anti-religious views, be they anti-Muslim or anti-Scientology.

A freethinker like me, who is convinced the world would be a much better place without religion, and is not afraid to say so, wouldn`t enjoy many free days in the UK.

The following article from ShortNews.Com illustrates that "freedom of speech" is in serious danger in England:
"A U.K. teen who protested near the Church of Scientology`s London base (SN reported) won`t be prosecuted. The Crown Prosecution Service ruled his placard, which called Scientology "a dangerous cult" was not abusive or insulting.

The teen, who hasn`t been named, was originally summoned to court by police for refusing to put his placard down. He cited a 1984 court judgment in which the Church of Scientology was called a cult. Police said the sign incited religious hatred."

If only more adults had the courage of this young teen, who refused to let the police stop him from exercising his right to free speech.

I agree with the sentiments of the British lad,it is incumbent upon writers and other influential individuals to expose this cult. News Blaze and the Student Operated Press Web sites have published many articles regarding Scientology, I urge everyone to read them.


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