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Published:June 17th, 2008 00:23 EST
2012 is Coming Is it God's Judgment

2012 is Coming Is it God's Judgment

By SOP newswire2

As clouds begin to darken the sky before a coming storm, the Age of Judgment can be seen on the horizon. So notes Steve Carney, author of "The Great Fruit Inspector: The Judgment of God." He says his revelations about God`s corrective involvement in the affairs of modern man was given to him in a season of deep intercessory prayer.

God's Judgment "Tragedies intensify, as the birth pains of a woman. 911. Katrina. The war in Iraq. Each calamity is like a warning sign: Caution: danger ahead! Warning: rebellion is hazardous to your health. Beware: the soul that sins, it shall die. Detour: change direction in your life and live!"

As global disasters continue to occur, Carney says, people have begun to ask critical questions:

  • Are the tragedies of our day the result of God`s judgment?
  • Does God ever condone war?
  • Is He liberal, or conservative?
  • What does God think about abortion?
  • Does God get angry and punish mankind?

At the same time, the author notes, the light of God`s Kingdom can be seen on the horizon as the breaking of the dawn. The gospel goes forth to all nations more than ever before. People are standing up for moral principles and challenging the status quo. So, why must Christians suffer along with unbelievers?

Carney`s book examines how and why God judges men, stating firmly that God does still judge the earth in our times. He searches the hearts of men. He is "The Great Fruit Inspector," pruning even His Church with painful affliction at times, "that it may bring forth more fruit." Carney shows how consequences for the violation of natural law (like manmade pollution) has a parallel in the spiritual world and that bad choices lead to bad fruit.

Addressing controversial topics with authority, the author provides "Fruit Inspection" discussion questions guaranteed to stimulate debates, discussions, and conversation among people of all faiths. Carney exposes common misconceptions on God`s judgment and discipline in modern Christian thinking, then offers a personal challenge to the reader to not only surrender to Christ but to make a difference for his Kingdom-before judgment comes!

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