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Published:June 22nd, 2008 13:33 EST
Toledo Christians Hold Prayer Vigil At Gas Station

Toledo Christians Hold Prayer Vigil At Gas Station

By Robert Paul Reyes

With gas exceeding $4 at the pump, President George W. Bush is imploring Saudi Arabia to increase output, Americans are demanding that Congress take action, and a church in Toledo is beseeching God to solve the energy crisis.

There are many factors involved in the high price of gasoline: Speculation, supply and demand, the emergence of China and India as economic superpowers and the policies of OPEC. But the Almighty is simply not in the equation, he is powerless to effect the price of gas. Every time I fill-up, I influence the price of gas more than the deity ever will.

"Members of the Toledo First Seventh-Day Adventist Church are holding a prayer at the pump vigil, asking God to solve the high gas price problem.

`Bush can`t solve it. McCain and Obama can`t solve it. We`re going to have to turn to God,` said Rocky Twyman, the vigil`s organizer. `...Because we believe prayer is the answer to any problem in life. I believe this is the way God is telling us to stop depending on ourselves and trust in him,` Twyman added."

Quotation from WNWO.Com

By driving to a gas station not to fill-up but to pray, the Toledo faithful are wasting gas and thereby compounding the energy crisis.

Instead of engaging in ineffectual exercises like prayer vigils, they should trade in their SUV`s for compacts or motorcycles.

These Toledo Christians are completely clueless, they are demonstrating to the world how selfish and self-absorbed they are. Instead of praying that gas will go down so they can continue to live their self-absorbed indulgent lifestyles, they should pray for the millions who are starving to death.

I hope the Almighty responds to their prayer by hurling a lightning bolt at that gas station when they are holding a prayer vigil.