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Published:July 7th, 2008 15:30 EST
Pro-Lifers Strikes Back Outside NEA Convention

Pro-Lifers Strikes Back Outside NEA Convention

By Garrett Godwin

WASHINGTON, DC: Pro-life leaders come together for a face-to-face with the National Education Association`s leadership`s pro-abortion resolutions, policies, and activisms at the NEA convention.  "The letters N-E-A should stand for Never Endorse Anybody" responded Bob Pawson of Pro-Life Educators And Students (PLEAS).  "Especially not candidates so fierecly committed to killing future students in their mothers` wombs.  When NEA leaders complain about No Child Left Behind - understand that fifty million American children have indeed been left behind: in medical waste containers, incinerators, and landfills."


PLEAS sponsored two press conferences the convention.  The first was inside the Family Research Council newsroom; the second was outside the Washington Convention Center.  Pro-lifers staged a protest outside the NEA convention and various state offices. 

"Pro-life NEA members across America", Pawson continued, "can remedy this situation by running for office - at all levels of NEA.  Especially run to become Convention Delegates.  Let`s regain control over our union!  Restore proper stewardship over our professional association and profession.  Help neutralize the NEA and state affiiliates on abortion and many other social, political, and moral issues.  Don`t quit the NEA; take it back."

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