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Published:July 10th, 2008 19:32 EST
Scientologists Are Bastards?

Scientologists Are Bastards?

By Robert Paul Reyes

If an individual belongs to an Internet group that believes God is a an Starship Commander who spreads enlightenment to the cosmos, searches for female aliens to add to his harem, and has a penchant for Dairy Queen curly fries, everyone would ask him how he could possibly believe in such unadulterated hogwash.

However if that person said that the concept of "God as a Starship Commander in search of hottie aliens" was his religion, his idiotic beliefs would all of a sudden be safe from ridicule.

There should be no sacred cows (or scared Divine Starship Commanders), religion should be subject to criticism and ridicule.

God knows televangelists like Pat Robertson, James Dobson and the insane doctrines they preach deserve ridicule.

"A SOUTH Australian minister has attacked the Church of Scientology, branding its members as "bastards".

Education and Children`s Services Minister Jane Lomax-Smith made the comment to a group of protesters outside the church`s offices in Adelaide.

She was recorded and the video was posted on You Tube sometime after the protest earlier this year.

Ms Lomax-Smith was critical of Scientology`s tax-free status as a religious organisation.

`They should be taxed - the bastards,` she told the small group of protesters from an internet collective called Anonymous.

`They shouldn`t be tax-free, we`re subsidising them.`"

Quotation from The Australian

The bigwigs of Scientology are bastards who fleece their followers, and citizens and politicians should be free to express their views of Scientology and any other religion.

When James Dobson and John Hagee demonize homosexuals, liberals, and feminists, enlightened individuals should condemn these clowns as bastards.

When Tom Cruise berates Brooke Shields for taking medication to combat post-partum depression he is an inglorious bastard.

May Jehovah, Tinky Winky or the Divine Starship Commander bless Minister Lomax-Smith, Scientologists are bastards!