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Published:July 17th, 2008 11:29 EST
Baby Raised from the Dead

Baby Raised from the Dead

By SOP newswire2

Svetlana, a former drug addict living in Ukraine used her faith in Jesus to raise a baby from the dead. After being submerged in bathtub water for twenty minutes Svetlana`s found her niece, blue, not breathing and no pulse. Crying out to God, Svetlana remembered her own deliverance from drugs and sickness and found faith to proclaim the name of Jesus that resulted in this miracle.

Knowing the reality of the power of God because of her own deliverance and miracle, when faced with the situation of a dead baby in her arms, Svetlana began to shout out the name of Jesus. Peter Mehl, founder of Russian Harvest Ministries reported, "Svetlana, as with all of our missionaries, was mentored to believe the whole Bible and that miracles are to be normal for a Christian`s life. She simply put to practice what she learned and believed."

Svetlana, a former drug addict was on her deathbed five years ago when she was reached for Christ by a Russian Harvest Ministries (RHM) missionary. She was facing prison time for drug dealing but officials released her to return home to die after a doctor`s diagnosis of a fatal disease. Frail and unable to walk, she was carried on a stretcher to the ministries drug rehab center. Thirty days later, after daily prayer, Bible reading, and anointing with oil, Svetlana was healed and became a walking miracle.

She now serves as a missionary with RHM and is director of Russian Harvest Ministries Women`s Drug Rehab Center. Svetlana`s story will inspire Christian`s to believe God for the impossible.

Russian Harvest Ministries founded by Peter Mehl is a church planting ministry in Ukraine with a vision to pioneer 1,000 churches.

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