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Published:July 18th, 2008 13:00 EST
Church Of Scientology Banned From Shopping Center In The UK

Church Of Scientology Banned From Shopping Center In The UK

By Robert Paul Reyes

Things that induce stress: Being audited by the IRS, a dental appointment, a poor work evaluation, discovering that all of your wife`s MySpace friends are sex freaks, a next-door neighbor with a penchant for playing Michael Bolton at ear-piercing levels, and running into Scientologists at a shopping center.

Shopping Center In The UK

When a Scientologist starts blathering to me about auditing, Dianetics, Thetans, implants and a Galactic Confederacy, my blood pressure climbs sky high. Scientologists are as obnoxious as a 12-year-old Trekkie excited about going to his first Star Trek convention.

Nothing induces stress quite like Tom Cruise`s wide-eyed infomercial for Scientology, which can be see at YouTube. If they played that clip non-stop to the suspected terrorists at Guantanamo, they would claim responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, the high price of oil, global warming, and Priscilla Presley`s botched plastic surgery.

Scientologists are hated around the world for their guile and desperate tactics to gain new converts.

"THE Church of Scientology has been banned from a Midland shopping centre after a string of complaints that they had been preaching to children.

Church leaders understood to be from Birmingham set up a stall at Wolverhampton`s Wulfrun Centre after making a booking under the name Dianetics, the church`s main theory.

Bosses ordered preachers to pack up and leave after angry parents said their children had been invited to take part in "stress tests" and then lectured about the religion."

Quotation from The Birmingham Mail

I thought Scientologists couldn`t sink any lower when I witnessed Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey`s couch, but I was wrong. It doesn`t get any lower or more desperate than trying to brainwash young kids at a shopping center.

Children at a shopping center are there to learn all about the religion of Western Civilization: Mindless consumerism. They shouldn`t have to put up with any predatory Scientologists.

If a Scientologist talks gibberish about past lives, secret levels and extraterrestrial beings and then gives me a stress test, of course the test will show that my stress level is through the roof. The answer to relieving my stress is not to join the Scientology cult, but to kick those fools to the curb.

If a Scientologist at a mall approaches you, just imitate Tom Cruise and he will leave you the hell alone.