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Published:August 14th, 2008 12:45 EST
Religion Is A Deadly Virus

Religion Is A Deadly Virus

By Robert Paul Reyes

Religion is a deadly virus, in its most virulent strain devotees are filled with a blood lust that isn`t sated until unbelievers are annihilated. Religion is behind most outbreaks of genocide and ethnic cleansing, it`s an evil entity that has killed millions over the centuries.

The virus goes by many names (Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic Church, Shiite Islam, Scientology), and it`s infected over 90 percent of the world`s population.

Religion is an ancient virus, and despite progress in the realms of philosophy, science and psychology, -- it`s yet to be eradicated. In fact as our world becomes increasingly complex and technologically advanced, religion waxes instead of wanes. In religion the ignorant find simple solutions to the intractable problems of our fast-paced society.

This pernicious virus attacks the brain, even highly intelligent and well-educated individuals who are infected eschew logic and common sense and swallow myths and superstitions. Those who are exposed to the most dangerous forms of religion turn into brain-dead zombies, they allow their "holy men" do the thinking for them.

Ironically, those who aren`t infected with this loathsome disease are treated as lepers. America is on the verge of electing the first African American to the White House, but it may be generations before we have our first atheist or agnostic president.

The only optimistic note is that most of the intelligentsia and artistic community is immune to this wicked disease. Writers, philosophers, painters, actors, poets, scientists and professors shape and mold opinion, and it`s incumbent upon us to use our influence to discredit religion.

Sometimes we do battle against religion using nuance and humor, sometimes, as in this case, we use a sledgehammer.

If you feel like an outsider because you don`t subscribe to any religion, there`s nothing wrong with you, it`s the believing world that is off kilter.