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Published:September 15th, 2008 19:37 EST
Christians in Orissa seeks peace and protection from violent persecution

Christians in Orissa seeks peace and protection from violent persecution

By Garrett Godwin

ORISSA, INDIA: Christian Newswire has recently reported that violent persecution in the state of Orissa is being carried out by antichristian factions.  Last Monday, several of these anti-Christian extremeists burned down the local church where Prakul Chirag Pastors as one of the missionaries working for Gospel for Asia. 

The missionaries and believers were forced to seek shelter in the forest.  Three other missionaries for the GFA -- two of whom that are women -- were almost burned to death by a radical mob that was carrying kerosene and gasoline to burn them alive while surrounding them in their home. 

A GFA leader in the area saw what was happening and quickly contacted the police, in which they went inside the house, rescued the missionaries and took them to a safe house.  However, the fanatics are still in the area -- threatening to find and kill them as well as burn down two more churches. 

Both missionaries and believers have started praying to be spared from this persecution that has gone on since August 22 after Swami Laxmananad Saraswati, top leader for the World Hindu Council (VHP) as well as outspoken antagonist of Christianity, was murdered.  Though Maoist rebels claimed responsibilty for the crime, Hindu radicals still holds Christians accountable and using the murder to justify in promoting violence against them.

Despite action taken by the Indian government against the extremists through enlisting more police protection for Christians, violence has continued in that area.

Gospel of Asia leaders of Orissa have been praying for peace in their state and the Hindu will see them as friends through God`s love throughout the persecution.  They`ve also been asking prayer for their brothers and sisters in Christ that are already suffering -- that the Lord will fill them with His grace and comfort.