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Published:September 19th, 2008 19:22 EST
Vatican To Ban "Yahweh" From Worship Service

Vatican To Ban "Yahweh" From Worship Service

By Robert Paul Reyes

In the not-too-distant future, songs such as `You Are Near,` `I Will Bless Yahweh` and `Rise, O Yahweh` will no longer be part of the Catholic worship experience in the United States.

At the very least, the songs will be edited to remove the word `Yahweh` -- a name of God that the Vatican has ruled must not "be used or pronounced" in songs and prayers during Catholic Masses."

As a freethinker I believe that religion is inherently ridiculous (lock,stock and barrel), but even true believers should agree with me that this pronouncement by the Vatican is patently absurd.

It`s incomprehensible that a major religion believes in the superstition that uttering the Biblical name of God may bring about divine retribution.

Does the Vatican believe that if parishioners praise the Almighty by singing "I Will Bless Yahweh", that He will reward them by smiting them with boils?

But from a practical point of view banning the word "Yahweh" from worship services makes sense because most Christians don`t know Yahweh from a Yugo.

Yahweh is not the only word that the Vatican has banned, the holy bishops are also adverse to uttering the following words: Women clergy, birth control, sex education and reproductive rights.