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Published:September 24th, 2008 14:02 EST
4 Winds/ underGROUND believe that evangelism is for profit, not for God

4 Winds/ underGROUND believe that evangelism is for profit, not for God

By Garrett Godwin

MADISON, WISCONSIN: Christian Newswire has reported today of underGROUND`s spiritual concern of the United States.  The first sports apologetic ministry, underGROUND is also a branch of 4 Winds -- believing that the people need to get back on track with their Christian faith.  This year`s Olympics featured testmonies of track and field athletes to the underground Chinese Church with an estimation of 100 million people.

4 Winds operate a website featuring a underGROUND section, which also believes that the American evangelical system has been more corrupted over the last several years.

For instance, six evangelists are under investigation by the Senate due to "their excessive lifestyles at the expense of hard-working Americans", as they live under "a life of luxury" while "defrauding donors".  Another is that the evangelical church has been endorsing prayer authors who deny essential doctrines.  To illustrate, Rick Warren endorses many mystics and includes New Age sympathizer Leonard Sweet in his church.

"In order for the church to influence society", reads a statement from underGROUND, "Christians must seek God`s face and turn from their wicked ways according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.  His `face` can be found in the Bible which gives clear directions on the central issues of the faith."