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Published:September 27th, 2008 12:58 EST
JAARS, Inc. has announced new President

JAARS, Inc. has announced new President

By Garrett Godwin

 Christian Newswire has recently reported that David Reeves will be the new president for JAARS, which stands for the "Jungle Aviation and Radio Service" -- giving quality technical support and services for the operations of both Wycliffe Bible Translations and SIL International as well providing technology and support services to hurry up Bible translations for languages that don`t have them. 

Both Reeves and his wife first served with JAARS in the mid-80s, where he worked in the radio department and avionics shop.  Since then, the couple went on to become members of Wycliffe for almost 25 years.

"I am courageously confident", Reeves states on accepting his new role at JAARS, "that the Lord is using Bible translation to change the face of His Church and His Kingdom.  We need to expand our comfort zones and to open our minds to new perspectives."

Jim Akovenko, Reeves` predecessor, has been the president of JAARS over the last dozen years.  Though stepping down, he will have a senior leadership role with The Seed Company, as he and wife Sue will serve Wycliffe`s Seed Company in Arlington, Texas. 

Reeves will be appointed as the new President of JAARS, Inc. this Wednesday.