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Published:October 7th, 2008 16:27 EST
Online academy going to have courses on Christianity

Online academy going to have courses on Christianity

By Garrett Godwin

Today, Christian Newswire has reported the next session of the Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy, which is coming up at the end of this month.  These courses include the problem of the `new atheists`, and giving people new perspectives in the cornerstone of their Christian faith.

According to executive director Anthony Horvath, the only way to deal with the growing worldly secularism and unbelief is to make sure that these Christians not only keep the faith, but also know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth that shall set them and keep them free.  "The scenario is tried and true: kid goes to Sunday school, kid goes to youth group, kid goes to college, kid gets hammered by professors, kid falls away from faith" he states.  "The kid might come back, but often doesn`t.  Apologetics isn`t just about outreach anymore.  Today, it is needed to keep Christians themselves from falling away."

With these courses, the online academy hopes to change all that by introducing Christians the astounding width and length of Christian scholarship.  "We try to tie our courses to books written by top names like William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, and FF Bruce" Horvath continues.  "We want our students to see that there are a lot of smart people with a lot of smart reasons for being Christians.  We want our students to become just like them."

Courses will begin three weeks from Monday, and you can find more information about this as well as the Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy online at