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Published:October 12th, 2008 10:28 EST
Internet Site Creates Online Calendar Tools for Church Management Leaders

Internet Site Creates Online Calendar Tools for Church Management Leaders

By Garrett Godwin

Though the world is known for being fast-paced and people relaying on technology now more than ever, church leaders is seeking opportunities to connect with their congregation outside the sanctuary so it I`d be easier to learn about the latest church activities.  Christian Newswire has reported that the Church Community Builder (CCB) is in the process of making changes to its online calendar tools to make the process very easy for users of church management solutions.

"Calendaring has always been a hallmark feature for us" states VP of Sales and Marketing Steve Caton.  "Additionally, when managing your calendar, navigating to different dates has been consolidated and more flexibility has been added.  On a single screen, you can now quickly jump to a specific day, month or year, move forward or backward one month, go to today, and switch between month, day, or list views.  You are also able to enter the calendar from different locations within the OCB application depending on the context of what you are doing or working on at the time."

The original Internet solution for church management, CCB has made it also easier for calendar administrators to develop several new events at one time.

"In the past", Caton said, "Administrators would have to navigate back to the main calendar view each time they wanted to create a new event.  The ability to request and reserve facilities and equipment is seamlessly integrated with this process as well.  At the end of the day, Calendaring is one of the most frequently used benefits of our solution so we wanted to make it incredibly powerful and delightful to use."

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