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Published:October 23rd, 2008 16:16 EST
Prayerbook for America

Prayerbook for America

By Garrett Godwin

Do you want to pray to God and for others, but unsure if you or anyone have the time due to work, school, and so forth?  Then, look no further than, where you can go online in getting involved with prayer everyday. 

The site will give others the opportunity to sign up for email of daily prayer requests as well as a new Prayerbook for America, where you can even add your own prayers, too.  But this also gives people the opportunity to send their video prayers via online -- where several resources include quotes about God in American History and other election issues while inviting family, friends, and church members along the way in holding one another accountability.

"Come any time each day and pray with us" said host Steve Krotoski.  God will hear us and restore righteousness in America when we pray."

Referencing Matthew 6:33:

"According to Jesus, the real issue in the election is seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, including praying and voting for candidates who support traditional marriage and are pro-life."

Steve is a pastor who has been walking closing with the Lord and serving His Kingdom for a long time.  He is the author of The Kingdom, and has spoke on how God has blessed him spiritually, personally, and financially, which led him to running one of America`s rising Fortune 100 consulting firms.

For more info, go online at

"God is good - Everything about God is good" he states.