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Published:November 3rd, 2008 16:37 EST
The Satanic/Demonic Strategy Against America

The Satanic/Demonic Strategy Against America

By SOP newswire2

America is the target for moral corruption, economic collapse, spiritual apostasy and Christian persecution. 

The purpose:  Stop judgment day.

The Spiritual Dynamic to Government/Human Existence.

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges God as Creator (that settles the creationism question for schools).God is the Benefactor of our human rights (there goes the Separation between Church and State), concluding with

" ?we ?submit the rectitude of our intentions to the Supreme Judge of the World".

Declaration of Independence

This "Judge"[God] has standards of right and wrong with corresponding blessings and judgment.

Holy Russia, Anti-Christ

1982:The Lord sent me to Russia.  He said 100 years ago if someone said holy Russia would be anti-Christ they`d be [ridiculed]. It can happen in America.  Be warned.

1990c  After the Soviet Union fell the Lord said:The spirit of Anti-Christ is looking for a new home.It found one in America.  Be warned.

The Target:  Satanic Influence in Government:

The demonic realm focuses on tearing America from God`s moral foundation leading to judgment.This strategy is historic

In the Bible, the evil one intertwined with the King of Tyre (Ezekiel chapter 28).  In Chronicles 21:1 Satandeceived David to rebel and number Israel against God`s will resulting in 70,000 Israelite deaths.

The tyrannical occult-reign of NaziGermany killed tens of millions.  Germany was destroyed and replaced by anti-Christ Socialist/Communism which, inspired by the one Jesus calls the "murderer from the beginning" John 8:44, killed and persecuted tens of millions. 

The Satanic Strategy to Stop Judgment Day

The demonic realm is spirit and not material.Why do they seek to dominate Mankind?   Because the church is the conduit spreading the gospel that must be preached worldwide as the condition prior to judgment day.  Secondly, the demonic seeks mankind`s destruction and/or worship because even unbelievers are candidates to accept Christ`s mercy becoming the gospel`s vessel.

NOTE: Biblical references below.

" ?the deviland his angels were cast down to earth with great ...  anger because they know their time is short."Revelation 12:12, NOTE: Time does not exist in the spiritual realm.

Horrified demons say to Jesus "Have you come to torment us before the time "?Matthew 8:29

" ?the lake of fire (eternal damnation) prepared for the deviland his angels ?."Matthew 25:41

The Gospel would be preached into all the world " ?and then the end shall come ?" Matthew 24:14

Stopping the Gospel

America has been a fountain of Christian evangelism worldwide.  To stop the devil`s condemnation he must stop the gospel by dominating America and the Churchto silence the gospel by silencing those who profess it.  The strategic tactic is multi fold:

1.  Bring heresy into the church, immorality upon the nation and God`s judgment on all.

2.  Control the economic system which controls people`s behavior forcing rejection of Christ.  Remember 666?

3.  Control government forcing persecution of Christians and worship of the Anti-Christ.

4.  Supernatural delusion set to deceive many away from the true Christ to the false one.

The moral breakdown accelerates via, human trafficking,  child prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, and persecution of the church, etc.   Even the church is losing moral savor tolerating and performing homosexual marriages, etc.

The Only Hope

Christ`s righteousness is our preservation. The gospel is the defender of truth.  Moral integrity is fortress of preservation.  America has let down the spiritual weaponry.  Pastors have become silent.  Public policy rejects and assaults God. The Church is under persecution in America.  The hour is late but there is hope...for now.   The choice is ours.

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