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Published:November 23rd, 2008 15:00 EST
No Religion

Imagine If No Religion

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Imagine no religion"

This beautiful sentiment is pregnant with meaning, no religion means no genocide, wars or conflicts.

No ReligionIt`s a thoughtful and intelligent individual who dreams of a world free from religion. No Bible thumpers harassing gays and lesbians. No Jihadists blowing up skyscrapers and night clubs. No religious fundamentalists treating women like second-class citizens. No Stepford clones glaring at individuals who don`t march in lockstep with them.

To imagine no religion is to imagine a paradise on Earth. To imagine no religion is to envision Jesus Christ`s dream coming true of a world where everyone lives by the golden rule. To imagine no religion is to be Christ-like.

Imagine no religion, these inspiring words should be on our currency, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and in the lyrics of our pop songs. (Thanks John Lennon)

Imagine no religion, for one week this wonderful phrase was on a billboard in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. But such a message of peace and unity could not last long is a world divided by religion. The message gently prodding us to dream of nirvana came down after only one week.

"A billboard with the message `Imagine No Religion` is no more.

Sign company General Outdoor removed the sign by the Freedom From Religion Foundation on Thursday after it received a request by the city to do so.

According to Redevelopment Director Linda Daniels, City Hall had received 90 calls of complaint since Wednesday.

`We contacted the sign company and asked if there was a way to get it removed,` Daniels said."

It is an outrage that the sign came down per the request of city officials, they shouldn`t censor a message of peace and hope. I`m sure that government bureaucrats wouldn`t demand that a billboard proclaiming a sectarian point of view be removed.

The government can take down a billboard proclaiming "Imagine No Religion", but they can`t stop us from imagining such a wonderful scenario.

Imagine no religion...