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Published:December 23rd, 2008 09:47 EST
Barney Frank

Greater Threat to Humanity: Barney Frank or Carbon Emissions?

By John Lillpop

Greater threat to humanity? Barney Frank or Carbon emissions?

Barney FrankPope Benedict has found a non-PC way to remove thousands of undesirable names from his Christmas card mailing list, thereby saving his petty cash account untold thousands in franking costs.

His Holiness brought about this miracle when he said that saving humanity from gay and or transsexual indiscretions was just as important as saving the global environment.

Can you imagine, a world leader declaring that saving gays from each other`s toxic selves is as vital as saving the world from global warming?

Good grief, the Pope has found a way to piss off 2 percent of the world`s population without even breaking a sweat.

His argument has merit: Who would know better about gays and their corrosive behavior than the CEO of the largest employer of gays in the world, the Catholic Church?

As reported at the link below(1), the Pontiff said that the Catholic church "should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed," the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican`s central administration.

"The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.

"The pope said humanity needed to `listen to the language of creation` to understand the intended roles of man and woman. He compared behavior beyond traditional heterosexual relations as `a destruction of God`s work.` "

Gays are a "destruction of God`s work?" Wonder how the Pope really feels?

Reached at her unholy communion service in San Francisco, Speaker Nancy Pelosi disagree with the Pope and stated that the "Fathers of the Church have never expressed an official condemnation of homosexuality."

Speaker Pelosi added that she faces re-election in less than two years, and given the fact that the vast majority of her constituency is homosexual, she is disinclined to join the Pope in the latest round of gay bashing.

Democrat Barney Frank, the only openly gay member of Congress, agreed with the Speaker and condemned the Pope for "hateful and divisive rhetoric based on a flimsy reference in an obsolete, fairy tale book put together by a gang of bare-ass, illiterate Jews some 2,000 years ago. "

Meanwhile, from Transition Headquarters in Chicago, President-elect Obama was said to be considering a change to the Inaugural ceremony: Pencil in Pope Paul for the Invocation and pencil out Pastor Warren, until further notice.

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