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Published:December 23rd, 2008 12:10 EST
Pope Equates Homosexuality With Destruction Of Rainforest

Pope Equates Homosexuality With Destruction Of Rainforest

By Robert Paul Reyes

A wise man doesn`t expect enlightened dialogue from a religious leader with a penchant for wearing a hat that strongly resembles a dunce cap, and I don`t count upon any ecumenical and inclusive speeches to emanate from the Vatican.

Once again the Pontiff is using his worldwide platform to divide the peoples of the world instead of bringing us together. It`s especially egregious that the Pope chose to deliver his hateful remarks on the eve of Christmas -- a time when we should put our differences aside and celebrate the brotherhood of man.

"Pope Benedict was accused of stoking homophobia today after a speech in which he declared that saving humanity from homosexuality was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

The Pontiff made the remarks yesterday in an end-of-year address to the Curia, the Vatican`s central administration. He said that humanity needed to listen to the `language of creation` to understand the intended roles of man and woman and behavior beyond traditional heterosexual relations was a `destruction of God`s work`."

To equate homosexuality with the destruction of the rainforest is an outrageous insult to gays and lesbians that must not go unanswered. The Pope claims to speak for Jesus Christ, if he`s truly an emissary of Christ he should emulate his master. Not once did Jesus ever say one word in condemnation of homosexuality, but he had plenty to say about self-righteous religious leaders who lead people astray.

Humanity doesn`t need to be saved from homosexuality, it`s a normal mode of sexual expression. We should follow the Pope`s advice and listen to the "language of creation", and we will discover that homosexuality is common in every species.

Humankind needs to be saved from the homophobic, hurtful and divisive words of the Pope, his hateful rhetoric conjures up images of the Inquisition and the Crusades.

As a freethinker I don`t think too highly of the Pope or any other religious leader, but if I were curious about how people perceive God, the Pope would be the last person on earth I would consult. Does it make any sense to try to ascertain God`s will by listening to a religious leader who wears a pointy hat, bright red designer loafers and who lives in a mansion?

I don`t know why anybody would pay heed when a celibate prelate pontificates on sexual matters, the "Holy Father" should concentrate on meditating on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

But if the leader of the Roman Catholic Church is intent on speaking about sex, he should limit himself to condemning the pedophilia rampant in his church.

Let`s help save the rainforest by not buying any religous books that espouse hatred of homosexuals or any other group.