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Published:January 3rd, 2009 10:59 EST
Answer to Atheists

Answer to Atheists

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

We learned from Robert Paul Reyes`s article that atheists are enthusiastic to delete God`s name from Obama`s swearing-in speech.

Well, if atheists think they have the proof that there is no God, why don`t they display it?

The believers have lots of proof :

1- Such a fantastic and complex and well-working mechanism like the human brain, the human body in its entirety, as a matter of fact the countless species of animals and plants with their perfectly well-working anatomies and physiologies have not come to existence by a series of coincidences. They have come into existence by the virtue of a super power endowed with superior knowledge, which we call God. The order in nature is the proof that there is God. If there were no God, there would be a disorder in nature.
2- "Life and death" to which we are bound, are the signals that "we have been brought to this system by an external power beyond us- which we call God.
3- Prophets are another proof of God.  Miracles we have been presented in connection with the prophets, and small miracles we experience in our everyday life, strengthen our belief.
4- Professors of mathematics seem to prove God, by mathematics. A U.S. professor of neurology in a southern state university, proclaimed some years ago that a center in the lower right part of the human brain, is directly connected to God. Einstein stronlgy believes in God. Shall we disregard all these scientists to please the atheists who just don`t seem to understand that there is God - without having any proof that there isn`t?
The word and the concept of God is written on many places - on the U.S. dollar bills, for instance. Shall we delete that too? The dollar which lost so much of its value, will have much less left then.

I understand that the U.S. is a secular state. The state should be secular. But, what about the President? If he believes in God, doesn`t he have the right to say, "So, help me God!"
If the atheists are so much irritated by the word "God", this is another proof that God exists. Otherwise why bother?
copyright : Askin Ozcan