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Published:January 16th, 2009 13:46 EST
Cardinal Patriarch Of Lisbon Warns: Think Twice Before Marrying A Muslim

Cardinal Patriarch Of Lisbon Warns: Think Twice Before Marrying A Muslim

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A PORTUGESE cardinal has warned Roman Catholic women against marrying Muslim men.

"Be careful with love. Think twice before marrying a Muslim, think seriously because it brings loads of hassle  - and even Allah can`t say where all that will end,`` Jose Policarpo, the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, said during a public debate.

"When you recognise what a young European of Christian upbringing is subjected to, given Muslim attitudes to women, the first time she goes to their countries, we can imagine what that entails.",23599,24915130-1702,00.html?from=public_rss

This freethinker strongly agrees with the Cardinal Patriarch, a Western woman would have to be insane to marry a Muslim. In the great majority of Islamic countries women are second-class citizens, their only worth is their ability to give birth to future male Jihadists.

A woman who marries a Muslim must keep in mind that not only is she giving up her freedom, but she will also be condemning any daughters she bears to a life of servitude.

I take issue with some of my liberal brethren who argue that extremist Jihadists compromise only a small fraction of Muslims worldwide. This is complete BS, in fact Muslims who believe in tolerance, diversity, and  the idea that we are all the children of  God are the ones who are in a tiny minority.

It is lunacy to argue that we must respect every religion, many faiths are patriarchal and  deny women basic rights. Religion shouldn`t be exempt from criticism and ridicule, and especially in the West we must condemn any  institution that robs its followers of individual freedoms.

If a co-worker tells us that every night he looks out his window until he sees the Mothership that watches over him, we won`t hesitate to call him nuts. But if claims to belongs to the Church of the Celestial Mothership, then all of a sudden criticism is prohibited and we are obiged to respect  his religion.

I would also argue that a rational woman should think twice before marrying a Roman Catholic. The leadership of this Neanderthal institution is 100 percent male, and church doctrine strips women of their dignity and worth. Females are not allowed to be priests, and the church teaches that abortion is synonymous with murder. 

Ladies should also be weary of marrying a fundamentalist Christian, because they place women in a subservient position. Evangelicals agree with the apostle Paul`s teaching that women should be silent in the church and that a man is the head of the household.

"You can only dialogue with someone who is willing to dialogue. With our Muslim brothers, for example, dialogue is very difficult,`` he said.,23599,24915130-1702,00.html?from=public_rss

Again I wholeheartedly agree with the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, you can`t argue with a true believer who has received a divine revelation from the Almighty. You can`t argue with a fundamentalist who is persuaded that non-Christians are going to hell. You can`t argue with a Muslim who believes that anyone who doesn`t belong to his faith is an infidel dog. You can`t argue with a Scientologist who is convinced that his particular brand of pseudo-science and malarkey is the only path to perfection.

I don`t  have a penchant for wearing an ecclesiastical hat that has a strong resemblance to a dunce cap, but I feel divinely inspired to urge all my readers to think twice before marrying any religious fundamentalist.